(Pal Aron)

Adam became a bed manager in the hospital before the beginning of series 13. His medical knowledge surprised Sam Colloby, and Adam told him he used to be a nurse. One day he was attacked by a patient and cut his head; Sam was attending to it and was about to touch it without wearing gloves; Adam stopped him and told him he was HIV positive. He told Sam he had got the virus from a blood transfusion after a car accident; he had had to give up his job then. He had never told anyone before. Sam kept on at him to tell his family to get support, until Adam admitted that he was gay and had got the virus from the man he had loved. Adam hadn't been with anyone since his boyfriend died. He and Sam got on well after that.
Adam got a shock when his father was brought into A&E after an accident. He had renal problems and needed a transplant or dialysis for the rest of his life. Adam had to tell his parents that he was HIV positive and could not be considered as a donor.
It was Adam who Sam was trying to help when he got pushed over the balcony at the end of the series. When Sam was recovering, Adam went to see him, and asked his advice on returning to nursing. Sam advised him to go for it. We were all waiting for Sam and Adam to get together, but Sam left Holby and left nursing soon afterwards.
Adam spoke to Charlie about returning to nursing, wanting to apply for the post of staff nurse in A&E. Charlie advised him to go for it even after Adam had confessed he had HIV. Despite Duffy's negative reaction when she found out about his HIV, Adam went ahead and got the post.
When new nurse Barney Wolfe arrived in Holby A&E, he and Adam became fierce rivals. Another problem for Adam arrived in the form of Dr. Patrick Spiller. Patrick seemed to have it in for Adam from the word go; he was always criticising Adam because Adam couldn't do some of the jobs in resusc due to his HIV. When Adam got together with patient Reuben, who was also HIV positive, Patrick saw them together and realised Adam was gay - seemingly another thing to hold against him.
At the end of one shift, Adam was attacked by junkie Angie. As he was bleeding, Chloe and Barney rushed to help, and Adam had to shout out to them that he was HIV positive. The next day, although no-one had spread the word that he had the virus, Adam saw everyone whispering behind his back, so he called everyone's attention and told them all he was gay and had HIV. Patrick didn't hear, but gathered it from rumours, and started being even more insulting to Adam. He said that he had nothing against Adam being gay, but because he has HIV it means he can't do the job properly in resusc, which is what counts, and there are plenty of nurses out there who can. However, he later apologised, telling Adam never to stop doing the work he can do, saying he's too good, before adding, "You big pouf!"
By series 15 Adam and Reuben decided to move in together. They were very happy and when Reuben asked Adam to marry him, Adam agreed. However, Adam's happiness was upset when Holly accidentally let it slip to a journalist that there was an HIV positive nurse in the department. On the day of Adam and Reuben's wedding, a newspaper ran the story, demanding that the nurse should be named. The patients were all scared, and Adam realised that this would never go away, and, encouraged by Reuben, talked to the press. He then resigned, saying that he wasn't giving up nursing, just A&E nursing - he wouldn't have the same problems with a ward job. Later, Adam and Reuben had a wedding ceremony at their flat, and drove off for their honeymoon together.