(Belinda Davison)

Alex Spencer arrived in Casualty at the start of series 4. She drove a motorbike and she first appeared in the staff room taking off her motorbike gear. And from the word go Alex was at the top of Duffy's hate list. Duffy had just been promoted to Sister and with this new title she also got an inflated opinion of her own importance. She became extremly bossy and superior to junior members of staff but seemed to develop a particular obsession with hating Alex. Alex was a friendly, streetwise young lady who did her job well and got on well with patients. In one episode Duffy was complaining to New SHO Lucy Perry about Alex. Lucy replied saying 'If I fell down in the street I'd be lucky if a bright intelligent nurse like Alex was on hand to attend to me.' Duffy didn't seem to agree. In one episode Duffy spotted Alex giving a patient a painkiller before the doctor saw him. Duffy had a field day and gave Alex a right old telling off. She began her tyrade by saying 'I don't know who you think you are' and then went on to say 'people like you shouldn't become nurses, you think you know it all'. Perhaps those comments would have been better directed at herself. In another episode Alex was out with the paramedics and managed to coax a petrified woman who hadn't been outside of her house for several years into receiving treatment for burns in Casualty. The woman needed a lot of reassuring but Alex promised to stay with her all of the time and eventually the woman agreed to come to Casualty. In another episode Alex was upset by a mother who agreed to circumcise her daughter, who later died. On her final shift, Alex drunk champagne from a bedpan but her leaving party was interuppted by an explosion in the City Centre. Although still a bit frosty towards her, Duffy grudgingly admitted that Alex would make a good nurse.

Written by Christopher Watson