(Ronnie McCann)

Barney started work as staff nurse in Holby A&E partway through series 14. He immediately started a rivalry with Adam Osman. Like Adam, he was also insulted by new doctor Patrick Spiller.
Barney faced a dilemma when his old friend Ewen had been stabbed. Ewen couldn't go to the police or he was likely to go to prison, and said that if he went to the hospital the police would find him. Barney did his best to treat Ewen at his flat, but when Ewen got worse Barney had to go for help. Ewen had smashed his phone so he had to run to the hospital. He bumped into Patrick and got his help. Patrick treated Ewen before the ambulance arrived; Ewen was later stabilised. Patrick told Barney he had put his career on the line for Ewen, but agreed to keep it between themselves.
At the beginning of series 15, Barney was always insulting towards recovering alcoholic Spencer, who was now working in the department. He told Chloe that his attitude was due to Spencer once being an alcoholic, as his father was also an alcoholic, and used to get violent. When Spencer, told this by Chloe, let it slip that he knew about Barney's father, Barney got angry and started a fight. When Duffy got involved, Spencer covered for Barney, but Barney was ungrateful.
Barney's friendship with Chloe was put to the test when they both applied for the same job. Barney was annoyed when Chloe got the job, but later apologised for his behaviour and went to a bar to buy her a drink. Chloe was being chatted up by two men, and Barney watched as they spiked her drink. He tried to stop them, and ended up fighting with them and getting arrested. After spending the night in a police cell, Barney was let off with a caution.
Spencer wanted to make his peace with Barney but Barney refused to let him. This changed though when Spencer helped Barney out of another fix, when Barney was stuck in a trench which was filling with water. After that, Barney was grateful and shook his hand.
When Chloe was stuck inside a burning building with an old woman, Barney risked his own life by going in to rescue them. He went back to Chloe's afterwards and they ended up spending the night together. The next day he realised he didn't want to spoil their friendship, deciding they were better off as just mates; he was relieved to discover Chloe felt the same way.