(Brendan O' Hea)

Brian Crawford was the Welsh ambulance paramedic who partnered Josh Griffiths at the start of series 8. A failed medical student, Brian liked to think he knew how to diagnose patients. Josh and him did not get on all that well at first, because Josh felt Brian didn't respect his judgement. Then, one day, Josh and Brian had to perform an emergency operation on a man with a bee sting in his throat. The man was struggling to breath and getting worse and Mike Barratt, who was on the other end of the phone in Casualty, was ready to give instructions on what to do. Brian picked up the scalpal and prepared to make an incision in the man's neck. But he bottled out and couldn't do it so Josh took over. It was a life or death cut, if he got it a centimetre to the left or right, the man could die. Josh, with the assistance of Brian, completed the incision successfully and the man recovered. Brian gained a lot of respect for Josh's courage during this operation and the two seemed to get on better after it. Brian left towards the end of the series.

Written by Christopher Watson