(Martina Laird)

Comfort started work as a paramedic in Holby before the beginning of series 16. Comfort was a devout Catholic, and was married. Comfort got on well with fellow paramedic Finlay Newton, and it soon became clear that they were destined to be more than just friends. They started an affair. Comfort tried to stop it, aware that she was betraying both her husband Ron and her religion, but eventually gave in, and decided to leave Rob for Fin. But before she moved in with him, she discovered that Fin had a daughter, Emma. Unable to accept that Fin could keep something like that from her, Comfort broke up with him. At the end of the series when Fin and Nikki were injured whilst on a shout, Comfort was there for him. She treated his injured hands whilst they waited for news of Nikki. She gave him a hug, telling him it didn't mean anything. She comforted him when he realised he might not work again, and they went together to see Nikki, lying unconscious in resusc.
By the beginning of series 17, Fin was back at work, but he and Comfort were not an item. Comfort got divorce papers from Rob, and Fin was upset when he discovered he was named on them. However, he did his best to cheer up Comfort as she tried to accept the divorce. Later on, Comfort started seeing a man she had met whilst on a shout, but things didn't last too long. At Christmas she and Fin became an item again. But when Fin's daughter Emma became seriously ill, Comfort felt he was pushing her out. However, Emma recovered and so did their relationship.