(Sean Maddox)

AGE: 26
MARITAL STATUS: Single but has a girlfriend
BORN: South Africa. Gerald moved here when he was 14. He is still a South African national (but a British resident).
FAMILY: Gerald's Father is Greek and his Mother Scottish. His father was a professional musician, he is now an insurance broker and still lives in Johannesburg.
STUDIES: Became interested in acting through a teacher. Joined the National Youth Theatre. Went to drama school.
TV CREDITS: The New Professionals (with long hair!), Underworld (1997, as Niko)
THEATRE CREDITS: Spent 7 months with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
PERSONALITY: Gerald has been described as quiet but then again has been described as a bit OTT and game for a laugh too! He appears to be on the shy sideand becomes embarrassed if complimented on TV! Gerald has said himself that he finds it difficult to "let myself go". He has also said, "In every scene Sean seems to be chatting up some woman - it doesn't come naturally!" Gerald has a sense of humour and seems sensitive (to parts he plays at least). He smiles a lot and seems a lot nicer than his character, Sean!
HOBBIES: Gerald enjoys a game of poker with other members of the Casualty cast. He runs, plays tennis and golf and has some weights.
OTHER TALENTS: Can sing telephone numbers! (GMTV). Learnt to fire eat! Took a flamenco course.
OTHER INFORMATION: Gerald dislikes fashion victims, bad drivers / drivers with those really loud beat boxes, flying - "I'm not afraid of flying - just of crashing!", too early church bells, smoking (although he smokes!), and noisy trains waking him up! Gerald speaks Afrikaans.

Written by Beverley Hammett