(Nicole Faraday)

Heather joined Holby A&E in series 17 as locum SHO following Lara's suspension. She got off to a bad start with Duffy, not wanting to listen to her advice but then repeating it to Harry as if it were her own thoughts, and then referring to Duffy's mother as a dozy old cow. She was unsympathetic with her patients, and always ready to let someone else take the rap for her mistakes. She was attracted to both Simon and Dillon, but it was Dillon she asked out. They spent the night together, but the next morning Heather was annoyed when Dillon was more concerned about Lara, in court charged with manslaughter, than with her. She flirted with Simon to try to pay him back, but soon forgave Dillon. When Dillon cancelled their date after visiting Lara in prison, however, Heather asked Simon out instead, and they spent the night together. Dillon found out and confronted Heather, but Heather merely told him he did not have exclusive rights to her. She watched on as Dillon punched Simon as payback, then later told Simon that both the relationships were flings and meant nothing. When Lara returned to work, Heather left, to the relief of her colleagues.