(Peter Birch)

Jack joined Holby A&E as consultant in series 11, to replace Mike Barratt. He showed his colleagues on his first day that he liked to do things his way, and told Baz Hayes, "Maintaining the status quo comes quite low on my list of priorities". By the end of the series he was getting on well with his colleagues, and had started a relationship with Jane, an artist he had brought in to paint a new mural.
By the beginning of series 12, Jack was engaged to Jane, but after a few weeks he always seemed to be in a bad mood. One day he decided it was not worth treating an elderly patient whom he thought was virtually dead, but the patient came back to life and resuscitation was attempted - just as Charlie Fairhead brought her sister in to see the body. The patient died, and Jack let Charlie take the blame. When her sister complained, Charlie realised what Jack had said and confronted him, but Jack told Charlie that his fiancée had left him, pregnant, and Charlie agreed to change his statement. However, Baz, trying to protect Charlie, told their superiors what had really happened, and he resigned and went to look for Jane.