(Christopher Rozycki)

Kuba Trzcinski, the manic polish porter who appeared in the first three series, appeared to be a fool but there was more to Kuba than that. In the first episode Kuba was the hero of the hour as he identified a toxic substance which was threatening the lives of dock workers. He was friends with receptionist Susie Mercier and Megan had a soft spot for him, as she did for most people. Despite his bubbly personality Kuba was often exasperated by people's selfish behaviour. He was in trouble with Ewart over taking hospital linen home but being Kuba he did it to help his landlady. He was a kind man who would do anything to help but seemed doomed to disappointment in his love life. He got on well with new receptionist Sadie Tomkins in Series 3 but Sadie was unwilling to start a relationship with him. Kuba was made redundant at the end of Series 3 as the hospital abolished departmental porters. Though they were re-introduced early on in Series 4, Jimmy Powell took over the role of A&E porter.

Written by Christopher Watson