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This is the BBC's official Casualty website. It has information about both Casualty and Holby City, including main characters, updates on the latest happenings, and classic moments, all complete with video clips.
This is a fantastic Casualty site, created by Cheryl Senior, the assistant editor of the Casualty Fan Club. As well as news, actor and character profiles, there are messageboards and more.
This is a fan site with info about both Casualty and Holby City, and also free downloads such as screensavers.
A comprehensive site about both Casualty and Holby City.
Another Casualty site, with information on characters and actors, news and gossip.
Another Casualty site, with characters, greetings cards, ringtones, a quiz, and more.
A Casualty site with news, character profiles, pictures and desktop wallpapers.
A Casualty site with information on Casualty from its beginnings.
A gallery of hundreds of Casualty pictures.
A site where you can download fantastic Casualty-themed desktops.
This site lists every episode of Casualty.
A collection of Casualty- and Holby City- based fanfiction.
This is the homepage of Chris Watson, including a Casualty section with fanfiction, pictures, audio clips and some of the articles he has written for this site.
This site is dedicated to Casualty's greatest couple, Charlie and Baz.
This site belongs to Ken Freeman, the composer of the Casualty theme tune. As well as being able to play the theme music, you can find out about Ken's other projects.
This site is a compilation of Casualty and Holby City fanfiction, written for the holbywritersforum egroup.
A petition to the BBC to release Casualty on video and DVD.
This site is dedicated to Holly and Patrick.
This site is all about Jan Anderson (Chloe Hill).
A petition to thank Jan Anderson for her work on Casualty.
This site is dedicated to Lisa Coleman (Jude Kocarnik).
A website dedicated to Claire Goose (Tina Seabrook), including pictures, interviews and multimedia.
This website is devoted to Ian Kelsey (Patrick Spiller).
Another website about Ian Kelsey.
A petition to thank Ian Kelsey for his work on the show.
A site dedicated to Jonathan Kerrigan (Sam Colloby).
A site dedicated to Christine Stephen-Daly (Lara Stone).
Another site dedicated to Christine Stephen-Daly.
It's nothing to do with Casualty but this site, about the UK tour of the musical Rent, belongs to my friend.

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Here you'll find our Yahoo! group about Casualty and Holby City.
Here you can join the Casualty Yahoo! group, a mailing list discussing...Casualty.
A mailing list discussing both Casualty and Holby City.
Follow this link to join the Holby mailing list, which discusses both Casualty and Holby City, as well as other British medical dramas.
This is a forum where you can post and read any pieces of writing; most of the work is fanfiction based on Casualty and Holby City.
A Casualty message board.
Go here for a list of all the Casualty-related Yahoo! groups.

Here you can join another Pal Aron Yahoo! group.
Yahoo! group for fans of Rebecca Lacey
Yahoo! group for Tobias Menzies (Frank Gallagher)
Yahoo! group for Gray O'Brien (Richard McCaig)
Yahoo! group for Lee Warburton (Tony Vincent).

Related sites
Related mailing lists etc.