(Tam Hoskyns)

Lucy Perry was the S.H.O. in series 4. She arrived in the department and was shown around by Charlie. She spotted newly promoted Sister Duffy being rather haughty and superior and observed 'she's a bit of a school maa'am'. The two didn't get on, particularly as Lucy got on well with new student nurse Alex Spencer, who Duffy disliked. Lucy was a bit of an oddball and her methods were unusual. She once helped a patient suffering from stress by doing relaxation techniques. This did not impress the Surgical Consultant, who warned her that her new 'fangled ideas' were not acceptable. He said that she wouldn't progress very far if she continued to treat patients like that. She said she didn't care whether she'd progress or not and told him that relaxation techniques were the best thing for the patient. Lucy wasn't prepared to work the system and one doubts whether she would ever have progressed up the ladder. She was a dreamer, she had a good if individual bedside manner and was missed when she left at the end of the series.

Written by Christopher Watson