Results of our Petition

Thanks to everyone who helped with the recent petition asking the BBC to show more episodes of Casualty or to bring them out on video. I printed out all the mails I received and sent them to the BBC with an accompanying letter. I received the following reply:

Dear Ms Hill

Thank you for your letter of 11 December concerning 'Casualty' on BBC ONE. Please acept my apologies for the delay in writing.

Further to your request for a repeat of editions of the above series, I have spoken to our scheduling office about their planned repeats for this series, however, I am afraid I am unable to give me any details in advance of transmission at the moment. Our future schedules are only confirmed two weeks in advance which means it is not possible to give details for programmes beyond this period. I am sure you can appreciate that plans can change and we would not wish to give you information that could prove incorrect.

Please be assured that your views have been registered and I have passed on your suggestion to both the production and scheduling offices concerned who I am sure will appreciate your suggestion.

Thank you for taking the trouble to contact the BBC.

Yours sincerely

Aileen Gallagher
BBC Information
This is a very disappointing response, unless our suggestions really will be passed on and considered. It may help if more people wrote directly to the BBC, at:
BBC Information
PO Box 1116
Thanks once again for everyone's help. I just hope the BBC will take some notice of us!