(Jane Gurnett)

Rachel joined Casualty in series 8. She had a shock in series 9 when a patient tried to attack her. Eventually she was persuaded to go to counselling, which helped her. She spent Christmas that year with Mike Barratt, who had recently split up with his wife. However, not long afterwards his wife asked for a reconciliation, and he went back to her.
In series 10, Tim Greenway, an ex-patient of hers, became obsessed with her. It started with him sending her presents and turning up at work, but it got worse as he started telling her colleagues that they were a couple and got a job as a porter at the hospital. She also started receiving silent phone calls at night. After the shift one night, he was hanging around by her car. She tried to get rid of him, and Mike (now divorced) heard the fuss and came to help her. He threatened Tim with the police and Tim went, but Rachel was angry with him. He told her he cared for her, and they went back to his place. When he resigned from his job and decided to do voluntary work abroad, he persuaded her to go with him, and they ended up in Africa. The last we heard of Rachel was that she was training to be a midwife.