Series 14 Episode 13:
Written by Nick Saltrese

Tina asks Max if she owes him anything for the Mozart tickets; she went on her own and enjoyed it. Max asks Sean if Tina asked him to go; she didn't - both say they're just good friends but Sean wants more.
Adam and Barney have been trying to out-do each other in sponsorship for the parachute jump. Tina asks Max to sponsor her; he says no and Holly says he can only get away with it if he jumps himself. Tina tries to persuade him and he agrees, saying he'll do it as long as Tina holds his hand.
Amy is late for work and brings Milo with her, as her baby-sitter hasn't shown up. Amy's mum will be arriving soon but in the meantime Charlie needs Amy on reception, so he asks Chloe to take care of Milo. Tina asks Chloe if she's OK with Milo as it must be hard on her after her abortion. Chloe says she has no regrets and she'll have to get used to seeing other people's babies. Sean asks Chloe if they can talk about the baby. She tells him she's had an abortion and he is upset that she didn't talk to him first. She tells him she gave him a chance to discuss it but he didn't want to know and just offered money; now it's too late.
Joe Jones brings his wife Sheila into A&E. She has injured her arm and is in a lot of pain. They say she fell but Duffy and Holly don't believe her injuries are compatible with a fall, and they are doing a lot of whispering when no one is with them.
Terry is complaining as Adam stitches his head. Sheila sees Terry and tells Joe, who comes into Terry's cubicle. They start a shouting match, each accusing the other of assault. It turns out that Terry used to stay with them; he's been in prison but he helped round the house. But tonight Joe found Terry trying to nick their telly and beating up Sheila; he picked up a golf club and hit Terry with it. Joe and Sheila hadn't wanted to say what had happened as they were afraid that if the police got involved Joe would get into trouble. They go home without telling the police.
Charlie calls Holly to treat a patient "with a rather nasty growth on his hand". It turns out to be Arthur Brain ("it's better than no brain"), a ventriloquist, with his dummy. He was hit by a bottle whilst on stage.
Graham Law arrives at Lisa Mitchell's flat. He attempts but fails to mend her lamp, before they sleep together. Afterwards Lisa goes to get Graham a glass of water but collapses on the floor. When Graham finds her he calls an ambulance and she is taken to Holby A&E. The staff find that her blood sugar level is low; she has not been diagnosed with diabetes before but it seems likely that she has it. Lisa tells Adam that Graham isn't her boyfriend but is one of her punters - he pays her. She says that a few months ago a guy paid more to do it without a condom, and she has been worrying ever since. Adam advises her on where to go for an HIV test if she is worried. He says that it isn't likely that the man had the virus, and that her collapse could be due to diabetes, not HIV, but still advises her to be tested for the virus. Graham offers to look after Lisa so she doesn't have to work again, saying they get on well and he earns enough to keep them both. Lisa says he can't own her and refuses. She walks out of A&E.
Steve Hardy has been making the drug GHB in a shed. He sells it to earn money to look after his family: his mum Carol, sister Julie and little brother Luke. Julie knows what Steve's doing and wants him to stop, as she doesn't want him to get into trouble. Steve says he just needs to keep going for a bit longer so he can earn enough money to keep them while he goes to university to study pharmacy. Julie takes his bottle of GHB out of his bag and hides it on a shelf in the kitchen. Luke comes down looking for something to drink, opens the bottle, and drinks some (it looks like a bottle of orangeade). His mum Carol tells him off as she thinks it's probably old and flat; she throws the rest away. Steve realises his bottle's gone and asks Julie where it is. They find the empty bottle at the same time as Carol finds Luke is very ill. Steve tells Julie not to tell anyone what Luke has taken as he'll end up in prison. An ambulance is called and Luke is taken to A&E. The team get ready for him in resusc. and Duffy gives them jobs. Barney comments that Adam always gets the cushy jobs and never gets his hands dirty. They try to work out what's wrong with Luke. Julie is scared that Luke will die and wants to tell them what he's taken but Steve says it'll be OK and that he's thinking of the family. Julie says he's only thinking about himself and goes into resusc. to tell them what Luke's taken. Luke is taken up to ITU but it's touch and go; the police arrive for Steve.
Charlie apologises to Duffy again but she's still angry with him. Max asks Duffy out for a drink. She turns him down, and tells him she wants to call it quits as it's getting too complicated. She says it's because of Andrew and the kids, but Max says that didn't matter before. Duffy says that people are going to get hurt, and that people know. Max realises she's talking about Charlie, and says he gets the picture. Max asks to speak to Charlie. He tells him that Duffy's finished with him. Charlie is surprised. Max says he thought Charlie would be delighted as he's been interfering. Charlie says he spoke to Duffy as a friend. Max says he thought Charlie was his friend. He says it's going to be hard working together because as far as he's concerned their friendship is over.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 27th November 1999

Pictures provided by Chris Leader