Series 16 Episode 11:
Written by Edel Brosnan

Anna is treating a man who has been in a fight. Jack comes in and apologises to him for causing the damage. He explains that the man, Tony, is his brother, and they were sparring at the local gym. After he has been treated he is sits talking to Jack on reception. Jack mentions that Anna fancies Dillon, and points Dillon out. Tony says he can see what she sees in him but he's not his type. Later, a man is trying to make a phone call on a payphone, but the phone isn't working. Frustrated, he gets out his mobile and is making a call when Spencer asks him to use a payphone instead. Irate, the man attacks Spencer. Jack tries to break up the fight, but it's not until Tony goes to help that they manage to stop the man. Security are called but they arrive too late to do anything. Charlie has seen most of this and when Oliver Dobbs, the security manager, comes down to hand out incident forms, he has a go at him, saying they need a security guard on A&E permanently. Dobbs says that's impossible, and after arguing about it, Dobbs suggests they take it upstairs to Jan. After listening to what they have to say, Jan agrees that the only workable solution is Dobbs' suggestion to rearrange the patrols so that someone is in A&E every twenty minutes. Angry, Charlie says that that's not enough, and mentions something Jan said "the other night." He goes on to say, "Jan, I would've thought you of all people..." before he is interrupted by Jan, calling him "Charlie" before quickly changing it to "Mr Fairhead". She tells Dobbs they'll try it his way and see how it goes. Obviously amused by their exchange, Dobbs leaves. Jan turns to Charlie and tells him he crossed a line. Charlie says he's looking after the safety of his staff - he needs her to see that A&E is a special case. She says that she's not going to give him or his department preferential treatment because of them. Outraged at this suggestion, Charlie walks out. Dobbs is waiting for him outside and makes a snide comment about him and Jan, asking how long it's been going on. Charlie tells him to get a life, and walks away.
Meanwhile, on A&E, Spencer's black eye has been treated, and Rachel James arrives, asking him to make a statement. Spencer says he doesn't want to press charges. Charlie tries to persuade him to change his mind, and Rachel says that he'll need to talk to the police to get the information he needs to claim for compensation. Spencer says he doesn't want to make money out of it, and confirms that he's not going to press charges.
Chloe and Anna are at a computer, reading an email sent to the department by Oliver Dobbs, saying, "Newsflash: all departments: Charlie Fairhead and Jan Goddard are getting it on." When Duffy asks what they're giggling about, they tell her. Duffy mentions it to Max, who says it's true. Duffy seems annoyed that Max knew about it.
Jan goes into Charlie's office, asking him for exact figures on assaults in A&E. Charlie asks if she's covering her back. He says she can't keep putting his staff at risk just because money's tight. She says they're all on the same side. Charlie says she's not the worst of them, then apologises as Jan is offended. He says he'll get her the figures. She says that working together is a minefield, and Charlie says that sleeping with the boss has never been easy. She jokingly asks if he's made a habit of it. Charlie then shows her the email from Dobbs, asking if she's seen it. Jan asks how they respond. Charlie says they can either run away or tough it out...or they could always pour petrol on the flames. When she has left, Spencer, egged on by Jack, asks him if the rumours are true. Charlie says yes they are, Patrick and he are getting engaged. Later Jan bumps into Spencer, and sees his black eye. Spencer tells her it's not too bad for him, but it could have been one of the girls. Jan goes to Charlie and tells him he can have the security guards he asked for, but says it will cost him dinner. He tells her it will work out cheaper in the long run as it will save on insurance. Jan warns him to be careful - he's beginning to sound like one of them. When she has left, Duffy comes up to Charlie and mentions Jan, asking why he didn't tell her. Charlie says they didn't want everybody to know, and Duffy, offended, replies, "I'm not everybody."
Juliet Montague comes into A&E with her daughter, after falling down a flight of stairs. Her husband Ron comes in to see her, saying he's taken time off. As Lara treats Juliet, Juliet tells her that her and Ron are like a one-night stand that never ended - it's not a grown-up relationship, as Ron's just a big kid, living in the here and now. Looking at Juliet's records, Lara notices she's been in a lot with little injuries, and thinks it looks like domestic violence, but Juliet denies this, and Lara believes her. She calls in Max, who examines her eyes. He tells Lara that it looks as if Juliet has a hereditary disease which affects the eyes and will eventually make her blind. Lara tells Juliet she'll have to see an opthalmologist, and Juliet wants to know more. Lara tells her what Max thinks. She goes to find Ron, but he isn't much comfort, and she tells him she can't carry him any more - she wants him to get out of her life. He goes, but later returns, and tells her he loves her and isn't going anywhere. He suggests she takes some time off work, so they can travel the world for six months, while she can still see it, and Juliet agrees.
Jenny Lincoln has bad eczema, but her mum won't let her see a doctor about it, as she only believes in homeopathic treatment. Jenny's older sister Rita gives her a lift to school, and tells her that when she was Jenny's age she went to see a doctor to get her eczema cleared up. Instead of going to school, Jenny heads for A&E; she gives a false name and says she is sixteen. She shows Dillon her arm, which is covered in eczema scars, and asks for steroids to treat it. She lets it slip that Jenny is her real name, however, and Dillon realises she is underage. He persuades Jenny to tell him the whole story, and says that although he can't give her oral steroids because of her age, he might be able to get her some steroid cream. He persuades Lara to write out a prescription, but Jenny's mum turns up in the department. She hears about the steroid cream and refuses to let Jenny take it. She says that she knows steroids have side effects, and believes drugs don't work - she became addicted to valium years ago after her doctor prescribed it, saying it had no side effects. Jenny is upset, but Dillon gets the cream for her, and tells her to take it and use it - her mum will never know.
Josh and Fin bring in a junkie who looks like he's overdosed on heroin. As Max comes to treat him, he realises it's Ben. They take him to resusc, where Ben goes off; Max manages to revive him, however. He asks Ben what he has taken, saying it wasn't the methadone that did this. Ben asks Max for some diamorph, saying he needs a hit. Max tells him he can have the methadone but nothing else. Ben threatens to tell Amanda, and Max tells him to go ahead. Patrick asks Max for a word, and tells him he knows that the methadone was for Ben. He says Max didn't go this far for his own son. Max says he's doing it for Amanda. Patrick tells him that if Max can't find another way of helping Ben get clean, he'll go to someone higher - he says he's looking out for Max. Max reminds Patrick that his chances of becoming a consultant depend on him, and nobody likes a whistle-blower. Patrick goes to Charlie, and tells him what Max is doing. Charlie, shocked, realises that Max is putting his career on the line. He tells Patrick to leave it with him. He goes up to the pharmacy and tells them that the methadone was a one-week trial, but it hasn't gone well, so he asks them to cancel the order for it. He tells Patrick what he has done, but Patrick isn't satisfied, and thinks Max should face disciplinary action. Charlie points out that he's making it personal just because he blames Max for him not getting the consultant's post. Patrick denies this. Later, he goes up to see Jan, and tells her everything.
Amanda has arrived to see Ben, and is upset that he's still addicted. Later, as she is waiting for Ben to be discharged, she is talking to Charlie about him. He lets it slip that Ben has been in the department recently, and she goes to ask Max about this. Max eventually confesses to what he has done. Amanda is angry - she says it's not what he's done but the way he was so secretive about it. Max says he sorry, but she says she expected better from him. She takes off her engagement ring and throws it onto his desk, before walking out.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 24th November

Additional Cast
Tony Vincent          Lee Warburton
Oliver Dobbs          Ben Thomas
Rachel James          Amy Robbins
Pharmacist          Bridgitta Roy
Sam Dalton          William Ilkley
Declan          Wasseem Hamden
Juliet Montague          Jackie Morrison
Ron Montague          Sendhil Ramamurthy
Security guard          Miguel Plaza
Jenny Lincoln          Zoe Thorne
Mrs Lincoln          Janette Legge
Rita Lincoln          Hayley Spencer

Pictures provided by Chris Leader