Series 16 Episode 14:
Written by Ginnie Hole

It's Colette's hen night and the girls are living it up in a restaurant. Meanwhile, the boys have gone for a traditional stag night which has left Josh tied to a lamp post with his trousers around his ankles! Luckily, Fin takes pity on Josh and rescues him. But the following day, Josh still has to contend with the effects of a hideous hangover.
Patrick's getting ready for work, leaving Rachel in bed. They're spending time together while her husband is away. She's keen to exchange gifts but he says they can wait until that evening because he's not been invited to Josh and Colette's wedding. The staff still resent him for getting Max suspended
Dillon tries to apologise to Spencer for dropping him in it with his wife but Spencer won't listen to his apologies and says that Dillon has managed to undo two years of work in AA. Dillon clearly feels bad about the situation. Spencer obviously isn't looking forward to the festive season and offers to work over Xmas. But he gets a pleasant surprise later when his wife turns up to speak to him.
Philippa Kinross, the locum consultant, arrives in the department to be greeted by a stony response from the staff. They quickly realise that she isn't up to Max's standard and seems reluctant to accept any responsibility. She also very quickly annoys Dillon and Lara, leading to further friction in the department.
Chloe visits a much recovered Anna in the ward. Anna tells her that Charlie is still desperate to know what really happened to her and that she feels like she wants to tell the truth now. Chloe goes to tell Jason who tells her that it'll ruin everything for them and he'll end up in prison. He tells her that she has to deal with it and make sure she gets to Anna before Charlie can find out the truth.
While Josh is cheerfully heading towards the registry office, Colette is dealing with a crisis. Natalie's contractions have started and it looks like the baby is going to join the party. While Duffy calls an ambulance, Colette desperately tries to get hold of Josh to tell him.
But the baby isn't going to wait and Natalie's baby girl is delivered in the ambulance. Josh has caught up with the ambulance and the wedding party are busy wetting the baby's head when Duffy calls Colette over. There's been a serious complication and Natalie is haemorrhaging and needs to get into A&E immediately.
Jason decides to pay Anna a visit. He brings flowers and sympathy but Anna wastes no time in telling him she knows exactly what he's like. He tells her if the truth comes out she'll be portrayed as a prostitute. Chloe arrives and Jason leaves quickly. Anna says the only reason she'd keep quiet is for Chloe and begs her to dump him. Chloe agrees, Anna promises her silence, and they embrace warmly.
But as soon as Chloe leaves Anna's room, Jason appears and she tells him it's over. Then laughs and tells him that as far as Anna is concerned it is anyway. They kiss and laugh. Chloe says that the most important thing to her is him and that's what counts.
When Natalie arrives in A&E Patrick takes charge of the situation and sets about trying to save her life. The locum consultant seems keen to delay and wait for assistance but Patrick says they don't have time and manages to stabilise her - for now at least.
Patrick gives Rachel some perfume procured by Jack - true to form it's hideous. Rachel meanwhile gives Patrick an antique watch. She tells him that she dreads spending Christmas with her husband because she just wants to be with him and that she loves him. Patrick looks uncomfortable with the gift and her declarations of love
While Colette and Josh wait for news of Natalie she asks him if he still wants to marry her. He says of course he does and they embrace, happy at least together. Charlie arrives and tells them that they're fighting to keep Natalie stable but that the situation is grave. Colette crumples into Josh's arms distraught.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 15th December

Additional Cast
Philippa Kinross          Fiona Gillies
Jason          Henry Ian Cusick
Natalie          Charis Thomas
Charlotte Leith-Jones          Patsy Kensit
Simon Leith-Jones          David Hounslow
Lee          Sean Sloan
Jodie          Billy North
Michelle          Stirling Gallacher
PC Brown          Chris Alan
Shirley          Chrissie Cotterill

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