Series 16 Episode 23:
Written by David Joss Buckley

Jack goes to see the neurology consultant, Mr Frey, who tells him it seems that his lump is cancerous and his testicle needs to be removed straight away. Jack can’t believe this. He says they can’t be sure it’s cancer, and refuses to be treated, then walks out. When he sees Tony, Dillon and Nikki he tells them that everything’s OK. They are delighted, and can’t understand why he isn’t in the mood to celebrate. Jack is in a bad mood all day, and has a go at Patrick and Duffy.
Lara is treating Mr. Evvans, who has injured his arm playing squash. When she removes the armband and ring from his injured arm, he asks for those on his other arm to be removed, saying he can’t bear to be unbalanced. His wrist is broken, and needs a cast; he wishes he could have one on the other arm to even things up. As he is leaving, two teenage boys are being chased through the department by Tony as they keep mooning the nurses. One of them knocks Mr. Evvans over, breaking his other arm; the boy falls badly himself. The other lad runs off, but Max insists on treating the one who fell. He gives an obviously false name, but Josh, passing, recognises him as Scott Greening, the son of Alan Greening who works in the hospital. Max contacts Alan, who comes down to A&E, and is introduced to Mr. Evvans. Mr. Evvans, a solicitor, has been complaining about his injury and saying it’s the department’s fault, but now he says that Scott did him a favour in a strange way, as now he has two casts he is evenly balanced. He starts explaining how he has to have the same on each side, like two wallets. Alan Greening says, “And two watches…”, holding his arms out to display a watch on each wrist.
Neil Johnson comes to A&E with Curtis Clifford, who collapsed at the wheel of his car, and is fitting. Neil says he’s Curtis’s boss – Curtis is the DJ at his club. Curtis is treated, but is taken to ITU still unconscious, and Neil is told he might as well go home. At reception, he asks Jack to hand out some flyers advertising his club, and says that the staff can get in free. He mentions that he’s short of a DJ tonight, and Tony says that Jack could do it. Neil asks if Jack’s interested, and he agrees. When Nikki hears, she says she’ll come along after her shift, but Jack snaps at her, saying that he’ll be working and doesn’t want her there. When the shift finishes, he goes to his Nan’s house, and starts crying as soon as he gets through the door. He tells her about his lump, and that he doesn’t want his testicle removed. His Nan asks, “So let’s see, the plan is this: You turn a blind eye, and wish very hard, keep your fingers crossed, and hope it will go away on its own, and if you get ill, you’ll know you were wrong and the doctor was right. Of course, by then it might be too late.” Jack says he doesn’t need this. She asks what Tony says, and he tells her he hasn’t told him. He decides to go, saying she hasn’t got a clue what he’s going through.
Patrick gets a phone call telling him he’s got the consultant’s post he applied for – he’ll be the new A&E consultant at St. Catherine’s hospital in London after working three months’ notice. Lara doesn’t seem too excited for him at first. Patrick suggests they go for a celebratory meal after work. Lara agrees, but insists that he takes her to Grey’s, one of the most expensive restaurants in Holby. Later, Patrick arrives late at Grey’s to find Lara hasn’t turned up yet. He sits and waits, and eventually gets a phone call from her, saying she’s been held up at work and can’t make it. He leaves and goes out to his car, where he finds a bikini bottom and a note tucked under his windscreen wiper. The note challenges him to find the other half of the bikini. Patrick goes and asks the way to the swimming pool. He gets there to find it is closed, but the bikini top is tied to the door handle. Patrick tries the door; it opens and he goes in. The pool is in darkness, but Lara calls out to him. He asks where she is, and she replies, “In here – the water’s really nice.” Patrick strips off and dives into the swimming pool, at which point the lights are turned on to reveal Lara sitting at a table at the edge of the pool – the table is set, ready for them to eat. They both laugh, and Patrick climbs out of the pool, whips the tablecloth away from under the plates, and ties it round his waist. He then pulls Lara closer, and kisses her then pushes her into the pool. Later, they are both wrapped in dressing gowns, eating. Patrick gets up and comes round the table to kiss her. As they kiss, Lara feels something sharp digging into her. She reaches into the pocket of Patrick’s dressing gown and pulls out a key to a hotel room. She seems offended and says it was very presumptuous of him, but Patrick reaches into her own pocket and pulls out a similar key. He tells her it’s a little presumptuous, and they both laugh and kiss again.
Jack is DJ-ing at Neil’s club when Tony arrives. He says their Nan just phoned him and told him what Jack told her. He has a go at Jack, saying she’s really worried about him. Jack asks if he gets any consideration, and Tony asks him if he deserves any. He says he’s upset everyone today. As they are arguing, Neil comes up, asking if Tony is bothering Jack; Jack introduces them and says Tony’s just going. A man in the club, Michael, has been pestering a group of girls. He has had too much to drink and starts to get violent when they make it clear they’re not interested. He lunges at one of the girls. Both Tony and Neil go to break up the fight. On of the girls takes her shoe off and lunges at Michael with the heel, but misses and stabs Neil in the arm. An artery has been severed, and Neil is losing a lot of blood. An ambulance is called, and the club is cleared. Tony, who has done a first aid course, does his best to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the place, but the blood is still pouring out. Eventually Fin and Nikki arrive, and get to work. Jack tries to apologise to Nikki for his behaviour earlier, but she tells him now’s not the time as she’s working. As she and Fin do what they can for Neil, outside, Tony puts pressure on Jack to have the treatment he needs. Jack refuses, and they start fighting. Tony pins Jack against the wall, telling him he should stop being so selfish, and that he treats everyone like dirt but still expects them to love him. Jack still isn’t listening, so Tony pulls out a photo of their mum, who died when Jack was small. Jack was told she died in an accident, but Tony tells him she was ill – their Dad cleared off because he couldn’t handle it, leaving their Nan to take care of their Mum until she died. Jack can’t understand why he didn’t know this, and Tony says they had to keep it from Jack, to protect him, as he was too young. He says he’s carried it all his life – Jack’s been spoiled and protected. He says Jack can pretend he hasn’t got cancer, but he won’t carry it with him, not any more. They both slump to the ground, sitting up against the wall. Nikki and Fin come out with Neil, and as they put him in the ambulance, Nikki tells Jack and Tony to go easy on each other. He says he’ll see her later, and she gets into the ambulance and sets off. Jack tells Tony he’s scared, that he’s too young to have…Tony tells him to say it, that he needs to admit he’s got cancer. Jack does so. Tony gets his phone out and tells Jack to phone Frey. Jack phones the hospital and leaves a message for Mr Frey, saying that he’s changed his mind and he’s ready to have the operation.

Episode first broadcast 9th February 2002

Additional Cast
Mr Frey          Davyd Harries
Jack’s Nan          Kathleen Worth
Mr Evvans          Tyler Butterworth
Neil Johnson          Mark Letheren
Scott Greening          Danny Tennant
Alan Greening          Richard Dixon
Louisa          Niki Wardley
Megan          Alice Wilson
Michael          Mark Brighton
Paul Vesey          Jake Maskall
Maître d’          Nicky Margolis