Series 16 Episode 26:
Written by Tony McHale

A gang of kids come into reception. Seeing that Gilly is occupied with a patient, the gang’s ringleader blows a whistle and they all charge in to the seating area and grab the patients’ bags before running out. Gilly is frozen to the spot, and Tony tells her to call the police. He chases them outside where Travis is trying to steal Lara’s bag as she arrives for work. She thumps him in the face, hurting her hand. He runs off and Tony goes in pursuit but loses them. When Jan arrives she takes him to task for not spotting the gang of kids. Spencer asks Gilly why she didn’t press the panic button, and tells her to say there was something in the way. Later, Rhea Yates makes a complaint to Charlie that her bag was stolen, with a thousand pounds in it; she says the hospital is responsible and she wants compensation for the loss of the money and the trauma caused. Charlie doesn’t believe she had so much money, but goes to fetch Jan, who explains that the hospital is responsible for the medical condition of its patients but not for their possessions. Rhea Yates is determined to sue them. She says she overheard the receptionist being told to lie about not pressing the panic button. Outside, Jan tells Charlie to get a statement from Gilly. Charlie says it won’t make any difference, but Jan says that more ridiculous cases have been won. She says if she’s wrong she’ll cook dinner tonight, and if he’s wrong she’ll choose the penalty. Later, Gilly finds a handbag in the bin in the ladies’ toilets, and, looking through it, discovers it belongs to Rhea. She takes it to Charlie, who shows it to Rhea. Rhea denies putting it there herself, saying that whoever stole it must have taken the money and dumped it. Later, however, Gilly tells Charlie she’s found something out: the bags were stolen half an hour before Rhea booked in. Charlie and Jan go back in and ask her to leave before they call the police for wasting their time.
April King brings her son Travis in, as he’s broken his nose. She says he only agreed to come because she’d told him it would ruin his looks forever. Travis keeps his hood up and is avoiding everyone’s eyes. Eventually Lara goes to examine him, and recognises him as the boy who tried to steal her bag. She calls the police. His mother is disgusted that he stole from people who couldn’t fight back. As they are leaving, April apologises to Lara.
Charlie is taking applications for an Emergency Department Assistant. Tony shows Anna a filled-in application form, but says he’s not going to give it to Charlie, because he’s declared his criminal record on it, and he thinks it will stand in his way. He throws the form away, but Anna retrieves it from the bin and gives it to Charlie. Later, Charlie tells Tony he’s accepting his application for the EDA post Tony asks about his criminal record, and Charlie says that as it was more than seven years ago it should be all right – he’ll check with Personnel but it shouldn’t be a problem. He asks why Tony didn’t say anything before; Tony says he was scared. Charlie says he should have – if he wants to move on he can’t hide things away.
Fin and Comfort are called out to Lee Henshawl, who has been attacked. As they are driving away, the ambulance is bombarded with bricks, breaking the windows. Comfort wonders why they’re after Lee. Lee asks them to call his mother, Louise Templeton, and when he has arrived at A&E, Charlie calls the number he’s given, but returns to tell Lee that a man answered the phone, who doesn’t know anyone of that name. Lee asks him to keep trying, and Charlie asks Colette to do so.
Comfort and Fin get another shout, to where a woman, Louise Templeton, has crashed her car. She is drowsy and Comfort suspects that she has been drinking, but she says she hasn’t – she took too many sleeping pills the night before. She is taken to A&E, and brought into resusc. Charlie recognises the name and Colette tells Lee that his mother has been brought in. She isn’t badly injured, however. Colette tells her that Lee is in the department and she says she doesn’t want to see him. She hasn’t seen him for years, because of what he did, and she says he’s broken his parole by coming to Holby. Colette tells Lee that Louise doesn’t want to see him, but later he wanders round the department and finds her in a cubicle. He talks about how it happened: when he was sixteen, another boy was insulting his mother, calling her a prostitute and showing everyone photos of her and his uncle. Lee just got angry, and the other boy wouldn’t stop when he told him to, and he started hitting him and ended up killing him. Louise told him not to tell anyone why he did it, saying it would harm his defence, but over the years he’s realised that she was lying, so that no-one would know that she was a whore. She asks what he wants, and he says he wants her to tell the truth, that it wasn’t all his fault. He says he wanted her to know that he did nine years for her, and doesn’t want to do another day. Louise screams for him to get out, and he walks away. He leaves the hospital, and outside bumps into two men – they had earlier asked to see Lee but had been turned away by Gilly, who realised they weren’t his relatives as they claimed. On of them turns out to be the father of the boy he killed, and he is talking about revenge, an eye for an eye. They attack Lee. Tony sees what’s happening on his CCTV screen, and races to the spot, but by the time he gets there the two men are running off, leaving Lee lying on the floor. Tony hesitates, wondering whether to chase after them, but goes to help Lee instead. Lee is taken to resusc, seriously injured. Meanwhile, Louise confesses to Colette what happened, saying she didn’t want to see him because she couldn’t look him in the eye after letting him go to prison for nine years. Later Colette tells her about Lee, who is on his way to theatre. Louise asks to see him later on, but decides it’s too late.
Gilly tells Anna about the thefts, saying it was probably for drugs – that’s what everybody steals for. Anna is cynical, and Gilly says that most people take something, even the just odd ecstasy tablet. Anna says she never has. Gilly says if she ever fancies having a blast, she knows someone who can sort her out. Later, a friend of Gilly’s, Simone, arrives to see her, asking for something for tonight. Gilly says she’s not doing it at reception, but asks her dad to cover for her while she goes to the loo, and goes with Simone to the ladies’, where she sells her some gear. Anna comes in just as Simone has handed Gilly a few notes.
Gemma is staying at Dillon’s. She comes into his room and lies down next to him as he sleeps. Dillon wakes up to find Gemma naked, wanting to sleep with him. He says it's not a good idea and insists she gets dressed. She runs out of the room. Later, Gemma apologises for earlier, and Dillon tells her she was doing it for the wrong reasons – her sister’s just died. He tells her to forget it. He goes to work, telling her to start looking through the papers for somewhere to live. Later, Josh and Nikki get a shout to an RTA. They arrive and see nothing but Gemma wandering among the traffic, covered in cuts and bruises. She claims she was hit from behind by a car, which carried on. She is taken to A&E but Max and Patrick don’t see any signs of a hit and run – there would be more damage if she was telling the truth. Gemma asks for Dillon, saying they live together, and Anna, concerned at this, tells Charlie. Later, Gemma, hearing that Louise Templeton was involved in an RTA, tells Dillon that she was the one who hit her. Dillon goes to Charlie, who doesn’t believe her – she doesn’t know the colour of the car, so how can she recognise the driver? When Gemma has left, Dillon asks Charlie why he doesn’t believe her. Charlie tells Dillon what Patrick and Max think of her injuries, but Dillon won’t listen. Charlie tells Dillon he shouldn’t get involved with the patients. Dillon says he and Gemma aren’t an item; he’s just helping her out. Charlie says he’s taking the Samaritan thing a bit far. Dillon walks out. Charlie, seeing Gemma alone, asks what she’s trying to gain, saying Dillon will see through her in the end. She says all that counts is that Dillon believes her. Charlie says she needs help; Gemma says she’s got it. Dillon arrives and takes Gemma out to her taxi.
Lara has passed her MRCP Part 2. Patrick asks if she’s starting to look for a registrar’s post, and she points out that there’ll be one here after he’s left. Patrick says he thought she’d look for one near London, to be closer to him. Lara is offended that he thinks she’ll follow him like a puppy. Later he says he wasn’t serious, but it’ll be a pity they won’t be able to see much of each other. She tells him she wants to stay on Max’s team. Later, he says he’s going to miss her. She says they’ll work things out. Patrick says one of them is going to have to give, ‘because I…’ He doesn’t finish, and Lara asks him to go on, but he can’t. Lara seems satisfied, and walks away with a smile on her face.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 2nd March 2002

Additional Cast
Gemma          Sheena Irving
Lee Henshawl          Rhys Miles Thomas
Louise Templeton          Di Botcher
Kenny Dawson          John Francis
Rhea Yates          Michelle Austin
Policeman          Tarek Ramini
April King          Jenny Galloway
Travis King          Edward King
Simone          Rhian Grundy