Series 16 Episode 3:
Written by David Lane

At a petrol station a young man on a motorbike goes in and robs the old man. He gets 200 and tells him to open the safe. The man says he cant the biker shoots him and speeds off. He dumps the gun in the river.
Max and Charlie discuss him going to a 'Supper Club' Charlie is reluctant but Max says he should go. Max tells Charlie that it is Ben's birthday and he is hoping Amanda and Ben will move in with him. Jack hands Max a mini-disc player he says he got it off a guy from the gym for 40 cheaper.
Jim Taylor goes to pick up his son Liam from his wife Sarah's house. They are separated and she has a date but tells Jim that it is just a friend. The old man is taken to resusc where they find he is on medication for previous heart attacks. Meanwhile the Biker swerves to avoid a young child on the road and crashes into a car. Josh and Nikki take the call.
New SHO Lara Stone arrives and Philip Greenwood makes her do a photo shoot before her shift. An ambulance arrives and she runs over to help. The cameraman gets in the way and she pushes him much to Philip's disapproval. She takes the biker that was shot to resusc. Patrick tells her just to watch but she tells him he has a fractured pelvis. She tells Patrick that she will do the intubation and he can do the ex-fix.
Chloe finishes her shift and tells Jack that she is having a night in front of the TV but when Colette asks her to stay on for a few more hours she says she has made plans.
Charlie goes to the supper club and is introduced to everyone. He starts talking to Jan Goddard. She tells him she is new to Holby. He buys her a drink.
Rachel arrives to speak to Nick, the biker, about the shooting. The old man dies. Max is introduced to Lara and asks her to speak to Nick's mum. She goes to the relative's room to explain what happened and Rachel tells Maggie that Nick was involved in an armed robbery. Rachel leaves and Maggie tells Lara that Nick wouldn't do that. Patrick asks Lara out. Rachel arrives and asks Patrick if they are still on for tonight. He pulls her into a cubicle and kisses her unaware that there is a patient in there. He tells Lara that he can't make it.
Sarah can't breath and phones an ambulance. Josh and Nikki take her to resusc and Patrick asks her if she has any allergies; she says just horsehair. Jim turns up at the hospital and Sarah tells Colette not to phone Mark because Jim doesn't know about him.
Ben's dinner isn't going well and Ben makes it obvious that he doesn't like Max. He gives him his present and Ben thinks he is trying to buy him. The waitress comes with there food - it is Chloe. She tells the manager that she can't serve them. Later they leave the restaurant but Max goes back for his phone and sees Chloe. She is worried he will tell Charlie.
Lara talks to Nick's mum again. She tells Lara that its always been just the two of them and she is worried he will get sent to jail. Sarah tells Patrick that she wants to go home as he gives her medication. Jim says he thinks it is stress that caused it but Patrick says it can't be. Liam tells Jim about Mark but says it is a secret.
Jan and Charlie are getting on well but she says she has to go. He asks her to go out to a restaurant tomorrow. She says she cant because she starts a new job tomorrow. She keys her number into his mobile and tells him to call her. The next day Max asks Charlie about the dinner. Charlie asks him about Ben's dinner. Chloe sees Max coming out of Charlie's office and then Charlie asks to speak to her. She is worried that he knows about her waitressing but he just wants her to send a picture message to Jan! He sends the message just as Philip arrives to introduce him to the new chief executive - Jan! They act as if they don't know each other. She gets the text message that he sent her and asks him if they are still on for tonight.
Lara and Dillon argue over a patient with a mole on his foot. Lara says he should see a dermatologist; Dillon thinks she should look at it.
Charlie tells Max that Jan is the woman he met. Jan tells Charlie about a new post a clinical nursing specialist. She thinks he should go for it. Amanda arrives and tells Max that Ben and her will move in with him.
Jim brings Sarah back to the hospital - she has taken another reaction. Patrick asks her if she took the medication and she says she didn't. Jim tries to tell her that her reaction is due to stress. Liam takes a bag of sweets out of Jim's pocket. He drops it outside and Chloe finds it has horsehair in it. Liam says it is Jim's bag. She shows it to Max and Patrick.
Charlie tells Max about the new job and says people will start to talk if he continues to see Jan. Jan comes down and asks if she should pick him up tonight he says that they can't see each other if they are both working in the hospital. It would be too difficult.
Patrick tells Sarah about the horsehair. She is furious and says Jim could have killed her. Sarah tells Jim that she knows what he did and tells him to leave. He denies it. He won't leave reception and Charlie tells him that he should get a Lawyer and go and see a psychiatrist.
Lara and Patrick talk outside - she tells him about Sierra Leone. He tells her not to get involved with patients. She asks Patrick if he came out to speak to her because he felt sorry for her. She shouts at him and he leaves.
Max tells Charlie to tell Jan that he made a mistake, but they are interrupted by Dillon, who comes in and tells them they are needed in resusc.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 29th September 2001

Additional Cast
Lara Stone Christine Stephen-Daly
Jan Goddard Judy Loe
Amanda Lewis Janet Dibley
Ben Lewis          Arthur Caulfield
Philip Greenwood Christopher Scoular
Sgt Rachel James Amy Robbins
Jason Henry Ian Cusick
Maggie Sheard Joanna Monro
Gerald Kirby Ricardo Montez
Lillian Gwenllian Davies
Sarah Taylor Jennifer Luckraft
Jim Taylor Mark Powley
Liam Taylor Zachary Connor
Linda Neelam Bakshi

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