Series 16 Episode 36:
Written by Leslie Stewart

Teenagers Sam and Anjali are bunking school to spend time together. They hide in a barn, but are disturbed by bees. Sam is stung, and they are about to get out of there when the barn door opens and someone comes in with a horse. Sam and Anjali hide as the horse is tied up. When the door has closed, they stand up and realise their path is blocked by the horse. Anjali says she’s terrified of horses. They try to get past but the horse breaks free. They manage to run into the back part of the barn and close the door behind them. Sam, having a reaction to the sting, is finding it difficult to breathe. He begs Anjali to phone an ambulance, using his mobile, but she can’t find it, and realises they must have dropped it in the other half of the barn. Cautiously she opens the door, terrified, and manages to steel herself to go, grab the phone, and come back. She calls for help. Sam is taken to Holby A&E; he is seriously ill. Anjali tells Colette that their parents disapprove of their relationship, so the only way they can spend time together is to skip school. Sam’s parents are called, and they blame Anjali for him being so ill. Anjali tells them it’s their own fault for being so disapproving that they are forced to sneak off to be together. Sam’s dad says Sam’s lying there because of her, and nothing else. They go to see Sam, and when they return, Sam’s mother, having found out that Anjali called the ambulance, and stayed with Sam, tells Anjali that maybe she saved his life.
Simon’s brother Stuart comes to see him – he’s worried about Claire, as she seems to be having second thoughts about their wedding. Stuart asks if she’s said anything to Simon, saying they’re still close. Simon replies that Claire’s about to become his sister-in-law – of course they’re close. Simon talks to Colette, who says perhaps it’s about time he came clean and told Stuart that he’s sleeping with Claire. Simon says that Claire has told him she’s thinking of calling off the wedding, and Colette says in that case he should definitely tell Stuart. Simon replies that it’s not his secret to tell.
Paula Rogers is being chased by Wayne. She runs out into the road, into the path of an oncoming motorbike, and is knocked down. Wayne joins the crowd of passers-by. Paula asks someone to retrieve her coat. She is taken to A&E, where she asks if her boyfriend Blake has been brought in – he has been shot. Blake is brought in in another ambulance soon after. As Paula is being treated, she recognises Max from the paper, and says she doesn’t want him going anywhere hear Blake. Max, however, goes ahead and treats Blake, keeping him alive until he is taken to theatre. Later he goes to treat Paula, now in a cubicle, and she is friendlier, realising he saved Blake’s life. Hearing that the police want to speak to her about Blake, she asks Max to pass her her coat. When he has gone, she takes a large package out of her coat pocket and hides it inside her pillow.
Nikki is sure someone has taken ten pounds out of her purse, and suspects the culprit is Roxy’s boyfriend. She tackles Roxy, who defends him, but Nikki tells her she’s got to sort it out. Roxy complains to Anna about Nikki’s accusations, but Anna agrees with Nikki that Roxy’s boyfriend is a loser and she can do better.
At the board meeting, Jan hands out copies of the “Doctor Drugs” article. She offers her resignation, but the board, having seen the paper, don’t accept – they’d rather see Max’s head on the block. Max is called in, and Jan tells him they are asking him to take a couple of months’ leave, to keep a low profile until things have calmed down. Fuming, Max asks why they’re getting rid of a practitioner rather than a ‘bureaucratic parasite’. Pointing at Jan, he suggests next time they are looking for a sacrificial lamb, they look closer to home. He says this is unfair, dishonest and against everything the hospital should stand for. He tells them to stuff their ‘gardening leave’ – he resigns. He walks out and heads back down to A&E, where he tells Charlie he’s been shafted. He says they told him to take gardening leave – and Jan gave him the shovel. He asks Charlie if he’s surprised – Charlie says of course he is. He tells Charlie he’s resigned – thanks to the fight Jan put up. Charlie says that’s not what Jan wanted. Max replies sarcastically, ‘Whatever you say, Charlie.’
Fin asks Comfort how much longer she’s going to spend at Josh and Colette’s, and asks her to move in with him. Comfort says she’s been thinking about it, and asks if it will always be like last night. Fin replies, ‘Always’, and they kiss, but are interrupted as Fin is called off on a shout. Later, Nikki and Comfort get a shout to where five-year-old Emma has fallen down the stairs and knocked herself out. As she is treating Emma, Comfort looks around and sees a photo of Fin with Emma and her mother Liza. Seeing her look, Liza tells her the man is Finlay, Emma’s father, and asks if they know him; Nikki tells her they do. When they arrive at A&E, Comfort goes to find Fin to break the news. Fin is obviously unsure whether to go to Emma or explain things to Comfort, but Comfort makes it easy by walking away, saying he can tell her about his family later. After going to see his daughter, Fin finds Comfort. She asks if he’s still seeing Liza; Fin says of course not. Comfort asks why he didn’t tell her he had a daughter. Fin says he wanted to, but Comfort won’t accept this. She asks what else hasn’t he told her. Fin tells her he’s sorry, and that he loves her. Comfort says she loves him – at least she did love him, and wanted to go on loving him. She says it didn’t feel like she was giving up anything when she left Rob for him, as she thought they had something really special. But now she’s not sure he’s worth it – she’s lost her husband, abandoned her faith, and all for a liar. She says he’s really hurt her. Later Liza comes to talk to Comfort herself, telling her that there’s nothing going on between her and Fin – it was over a long time ago. She says Fin tends to compartmentalise his life – she didn’t know about Comfort. Fin joins them, and asks Comfort if she’s all right. Comfort says of course she isn’t, and asks Fin to leave her alone, before walking out.
A clown comes into reception, asking the way to Otter ward. Jack points him in the right direction, but he slips past towards the cubicles. He finds Paula’s cubicle and goes in – it’s Wayne, who was chasing her earlier. He punches her in the face, asking, ‘Where is it?” Max, hearing Paula’s screams, comes in and pulls Wayne off. Wayne runs. Max sees to Paula, who has a bad facial fracture, with blood pouring from her nose and mouth. He rushes Paula into resusc. He pushes a tube up each nostril her nose and manages to control the bleeding. Colette tells him it’s one of the cleverest things she’s ever seen.
As Max is walking out of the department, carrying his belongings, Charlie calls him. He says he’s really sorry. Max offers him a word of warning: when Jan finds his face no longer fits, she has a tendency to shift the furniture around. ‘And you’re beginning to look like an old sofa, Charlie.’ Laughing, Charlie says thanks. They are interrupted by Tony, who has found the package hidden in Paula’s pillow. Max takes it, saying ‘“Drug dealer saved by Doctor Drugs” – whatever will they make of that?’ He hands the packet to Charlie, and walks away.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 18th May 2002

Additional Cast
Stuart Kaminski          Justin Pierre
Paula Rogers          Lucy Robinson
Wayne the clown          Jim Pyke
Ron          Irvine Iqbal
Anjali          Rina Mahoney
Sam Craft          Leon Parris
Mr Craft          Stephen Israel
Mrs Craft          Natasha Gray
Liza          Melissa Pryer
Emma          Natalie Glover
Mr Salmons          Doug Rollins
Mrs Garwood          Pamela Merrick
Mrs Marriott          Candida Rundle