Series 16 Episode 40:
Written by Paul Cornell

Harry is celebrating his appointment as the new A&E consultant. He tells Charlie that he had doubts about taking the post, as it was difficult taking the place of someone who had been given the boot. Charlie points out that Max wasn’t sacked but resigned; Harry says that’s not what he’s heard – he was told that if Max hadn’t fallen on his sword, the Chief Executive would have shoved him onto it, and that some people are blaming Max for everything. Charlie asks Jan to come to his office on her way out of the hospital, and asks her outright if Max took the fall for the hospital. Jan denies it, and asks who he’s been speaking him – whose word he believes over hers. Charlie won’t say, but says they told him Max was pushed. Jan says he resigned, but Charlie says if someone made sure Max took the blame for the entire scandal then there’s no difference. He asks her angrily if she did that. She says what she did was for the good of the hospital. Charlie, not satisfied, tells her he wants to hear her say she didn’t do it, but Jan can’t. Charlie says he trusted her, but she’s betrayed his friend and lied to him. He tells her it’s over between them.
Lara comes into the hospital to see how David Collier is. He’s regained consciousness. His wife Melanie brings their daughters to see him, and stops off in A&E to speak to Lara. She says that it’s all her fault – none of it would have happened if she hadn’t come in. Lara tells her she might have died if she hadn’t come in – she didn’t ask to be raped any more than Lara herself did. Melanie starts to object, but Lara tells her to stop protecting him – he hurt both of them. She says she’s glad David is pulling through, as he has to answer to what he’s done. Melanie makes her excuses and leaves. She goes up to see David, and tells him what Lara said. He says Lara is lying, trying to make them look bad.
In the ambulance with Fin, Nikki is making fun of Josh, complaining about him She calls him a prat, but Fin defends him, saying that Josh just wants what’s best for her. She gets a phone call from Jack, making sure she’s going to finish on time as he’s got a surprise planned for her. Meanwhile, Josh, in his ambulance, is looking forward to an evening in front of the telly with Colette. Comfort asks if he wants her out of the way, and he says no, but she says she’ll go out anyway. They get a shout to a housing estate with a reputation, where a man is injured, and are told the police are attending, as the caller hung up. Overhearing this, Nikki calls in and offers to take the shout, as she and Fin are closer – the GPS is down. Fin isn’t too happy, but Nikki says she’s showing initiative. As they arrive on the estate, he says the last time he was here, Comfort nearly got him killed. Nikki says he’s still in love with Comfort, and Fin doesn’t deny it, but doesn’t seem to think much can be done. They get to the flat to find a pool of blood outside. Fin wants to wait for the police, but Nikki won’t, and goes in. They find a man, Wayne, on the floor, bleeding severely. As Nikki gives him oxygen, he protests that they’ve got to get out of there. Another man, Graham, appears in the doorway, holding a knife. He tells them to get out –Wayne’s been sleeping with his wife, and he wants him to die, so they’re not going to help him. Fin is happy to comply, and wait for the police, but Nikki bends down to help Wayne. Graham attacks her, pulling her away. Nikki tries to defend herself but he stabs her, then goes after Fin. He corners Fin, pointing the knife at him. Fin tries to take the knife from him, and cuts his hands badly, but manages to thump Graham and get out of the flat. He is followed by Graham, however. He manages to get back to the ambulance and lock himself in, then sends out a Code Red. Josh and Comfort set off immediately, and the police are informed. When the paramedics arrive, Fin wants to join them in helping Nikki, but Comfort tells him to stay where he is – he’s a patient now. The police arrive, and Fin berates them for not getting there earlier. They go up to the flat, but the police are unwilling to go in until backup arrives. Josh says there’s no time to waste, with Nikki losing blood. He kicks the door down. Graham is back in the flat with Nikki and Wayne. Comfort comes forward, and tells him he’s in trouble, but if he puts the knife down now, he’ll be able to see his kids again soon. If he gets done for double murder, though, he’ll get a life sentence. Graham drops the knife, runs to the flat door, and throws himself off the balcony.
The paramedics, joined by backup, rush to help Nikki, Wayne and Graham. Josh and Comfort take Nikki in their ambulance, and are joined by Fin. Nikki is getting weaker, and Josh struggles to get a line in, but eventually manages it. They try to keep Nikki’s spirits up, but she knows they aren’t joking enough and realises it must be serious. They tell her she’s not going to die, and that she has to stay awake. She begs them not to let her die. She starts rambling, and talking about Jack – she says she loves him.
Meanwhile in A&E, Charlie, Tony and Spencer have broken the news to Jack. He is distraught and can’t control himself. Tony tells him he’s got to get a grip, to be strong for Nikki. She is brought in, now unconscious, and the team get to work, fighting to save her life. Josh goes out to talk to Colette – he blames himself for pushing Nikki to take the initiative, and says he could have killed her when he kicked the door down. Colette tells him it’s not his fault, and that he saved her.
Comfort treats Fin’s hands. She asks if he’ll get the wrong idea if she holds him. She hugs him, and Fin says it’s the right idea. Comfort leaves for resusc, saying it didn’t mean anything, but Fin says it did. After seeing a doctor, he tells her he’s got to see a hand specialist, and he might not be able to work again. He says he’s not sure he wants to work again though, putting himself into danger every day. Comfort says that means they’re the only people to get a really good night’s sleep. They go into resusc together.
Jack is watching on as Nikki is being treated. Harry tells him to come forward and talk to her. He does so, begging her to wake up. Suddenly he rushes out of resusc and into the staff room, where he grabs the radio before returning to resusc and turning it on. He tells Nikki it was his surprise. The radio presenter announces a request from Jack for Nikki, saying that Jack has never had the courage to say he loves her. Jack tells Nikki she’d make it worth it now he’s made a fool of himself in front of everyone. He tells her he loves her and asks her to marry him. He says he’s waiting for an answer. Suddenly the police come into resusc, asking to speak to Lara. David Collier has had a relapse and died. They arrest her in connection with his death. As they are about to lead her out, Nikki arrests. As Simon starts CPR, Lara is made to leave. As she is walking down the corridor, she hears Jack crying, ‘Nikki!’

Episode first broadcast Saturday 29th June 2002

Additional Cast
David Collier          Dorian Healy
Melanie Collier          Lisa Palfrey
WPC Greer          Dawn Hope
Graham          Ewan Bailey
Wayne          Russell Mabey
Meredith          Michael Praed
PC McCormack          Nick Tizzard
WPC Bramall          Nasreen Hussain
Lisa Collier          Emily Dick
Jane Collier          Caitlin Allen