Series 16 Episode 6:
Written by Peter Mills

Max is eating breakfast with Amanda and Ben. He has noticed a fifty-pound note missing from his wallet, and asks if they've seen it lying around. Looking at Ben, he then says that if they need any money they only need to ask. Ben thinks Max is accusing him of stealing it; so does Amanda. Max denies accusing him, but Ben walks out. Amanda tells him he knew she came with baggage, and that Ben is clean now. She says Max doesn't know how to talk to young people. When Max has gone she tells Ben why Max is so concerned about him - because his son Frank died because of drugs. She says Max wants to do what is right, even though he won't always know what that is. Ben says he's not Max's son, and he's clean. He says he's thinking of moving out, and Amanda tries to persuade him to give Max another chance.
As Max is arriving at A&E, a car pulls up and a girl is thrown out. The car speeds off and Max goes to help. She is taken to resusc and it becomes clear she has taken a heroin overdose. As she is recovering Max talks to her. Her name is Jess Parry. He asks why she did it; she tells him to get stuffed. He tells her he lost his son to drugs. Jess tells him her dad died two months ago. She says her mum was always cheating on him and she can't understand why he stayed with her. Max suggests it was for her own sake. He says he's not very good with young people; Jess says he tries too hard. Max says he's sorry about her dad; Jess says what gets her is the thought of never seeing him again. Max tells her if she goes on as she is doing, she will see him again - sooner than she thinks. Jess's mum is called in but when she finds out why Jess is here she doesn't want to know - she says she wants to hand her over to Social Services. Colette manages to persuade her to stay. She tells Colette that Jess had stolen some of her antidepressants earlier. She says Jess is upset because she's marrying her partner Darren. Max goes to talk to Mrs. Parry, and tells her Jess thinks it's too soon for her to remarry. Mrs. Parry says life has to go on. Max asks her to have a word with Jess later, and she grudgingly agrees, though she says she can't stay long as she has to get Darren's tea ready. In resusc, Jess suddenly goes off. Max guesses it's a reaction to the antidepressants - the heroin must have masked it. She is seriously ill, and is put on a ventilator. When Mrs. Parry is told she says she's got to go - if Jess is in a coma there's no point staying. Colette gets angry and tells her Jess is obviously very unhappy, and she's beginning to see why. She says that if she had any feelings at all she'd be sitting with Jess now. She walks out, but returns later, calmer. She tells Mrs. Parry that she'll need Jess when she's older, saying her boyfriend won't want to look after her when she's old and incompetent. Mrs. Parry agrees to go and see her. Max asks Colette how she managed it; she says she appealed to her sense of enlightened self-interest. Colette says she's jealous of Mrs. Parry as she has what she'd give her right hand for - a daughter.
Amanda comes in to see Max, saying she wanted to see how he was after she threw him out this morning. He tells her he's sorry for getting the day off to a bad start. Amanda says she knows it's not easy; he says he's just been told by Jess that all he's got to do is be around. Later Colette hands Max a fifty pound note, saying she'd been meaning to give it to him all day - Charlie picked it up after Max dropped it in resusc yesterday.
Irate drivers keep arriving in A&E reception complaining to Jack that their cars have gone. Jack, finding out that they are parked in disabled spaces, tells them their cars must have been towed away, and gives them a number to call to pay to get their cars back. We see a young man in a wheelchair checking for badges on the cars in disabled spaces, and making phone calls when he spots a badge-less car. At the end of the day Jack goes out to meet him. He tells Jack they've taken a large amount in fines - a cut goes to the guys who towed the cars away, Jack gets a cut for the hassle and the rest is going to charity. They arrange a time to do it over again, when the proper car park people aren't in, saying they'll have to keep hitting them in the pocket until they change their ways.
Johnny Shears is brought in by ambulance after crashing his rally car into a tree. He says he doesn't know what happened. He isn't seriously injured, and his father Billy goes in to see him. He is worried that Johnny has lost his bottle and won't be able to drive in a big race next Saturday, but Johnny assures him he'll be OK for it. Lara comes in and tells Johnny he'll be OK to race if he wants, but when Billy says of course he wants to, Johnny doesn't look so sure. Realising something is wrong, Lara asks Billy to leave, saying she needs to do more tests. She asks Johnny what's wrong. He says they run a small racing team, but he thinks they'd be better servicing other people's cars; Billy won't listen to this. Johnny tells her he doesn't want to race. She advises him not to be forced into something he doesn't want to do, and clasps his hand to reassure him. He screams in pain, but says the pain is in his head, it's not real. Lara takes an X-ray but it appears normal. She asks Patrick's advice and he tells her there's nothing wrong. Lara suggests RSD, a disorder mostly affecting middle-aged women, but Patrick is scornful. Lara goes to Max, who says she could be right. She goes in to tell Johnny she thinks he has RSD, and he asks what will happen, saying there's no cure. Lara says it's manageable and she'll refer him to a pain specialist. She talks to Billy, telling him that it's not safe for Johnny to drive with the disorder, and he goes to see his son and tells him they'll do things his way, and run a servicing business.
Patrick goes to talk to Max, complaining about what he didn't say on his reference. Max tells him that he's got all the medical skills he needs to be a consultant, but he's not ready to be a team leader, and his reaction towards Lara's suggestion today proves that. He tells Patrick to try again when he's grown up a little. Later, Lara tells Patrick that he was right: Johnny doesn't have RSD. She says he must have wanted an excuse not to race - from his reaction he'd obviously been reading up on it and presented her with the symptoms so she'd diagnose him. She's gone ahead with it because she knows it's what she wants.
A pantomime horse comes into A&E. The front half begs Anna for some plasters as the back half has blisters and they're running in a marathon. Anna agrees to help. At the end of the shift the man returns, and gives Anna a cup they won, together with his name and phone number. Anna keeps asking Chloe when she's free, but Chloe's busy every night - she's working in a restaurant, wearing sexy clothes and "just hovering round the bar".
It's the day of the inquest into the death of Danny Oldfield, the boy killed in the accident with the ambulance. Fin meets Comfort in A&E and they set off together. Patrick, hearing Fin say, "Come on," to Comfort, says he hasn't heard those words from the paramedics much recently, and starts complaining about how much they've slowed down since the accident and the memo that followed. Fin is angry but Comfort calms him down. As they get to the court, Fin tells Comfort that he's not sure whether or not he can lie for Josh - they'll ask him what happened and they're sure to ask what he meant when, as Josh asked if they could make it, he said, "Easy." He meant "Take it easy" but doesn't know what he'll say he meant. Comfort tells him to remember that Josh is their mate. Nikki is also worried about giving evidence, wanting to say the right thing.
The inquest begins with Danny's family talking about him, saying he was healthy and at the start of a great career. Then Nikki is called to the witness stand. She is asked if she was scared, and if she thought Josh was going too fast, and she reluctantly answers "yes". Fin's turn comes next. He explains what happened, and how when Josh asked if he thought they could make it safely through the red light, he said "Easy." Asked to explain what he meant, he says he meant they could make it easily. It is suggested to him that "Easy" could mean "Take it easy", and he is asked if he's lying for his friend Josh. Fin says he wouldn't do that, and if he did Josh would be the first to stand up in court and say so. He says yes, they were going fast, but so was the other car, and they were on their way to save someone's life. Next Josh is called to the witness stand. He is asked what happened. Josh replies that he doesn't know what happened or why it happened; all he knows is that he feels guilty, and responsible, as he was driving. He keeps getting questions thrown at him, about whether he drove with due care and attention. He says he was careless - how else can he explain how he killed someone? Turning to Danny's sister, he says, "I killed your brother. I'm sorry." The jury go out to consider the verdict. Fin tells Comfort he doesn't feel good about lying in court. Comfort says it's OK to break the rules if you get the result - all Fin did was come through for a mate. She tells him he should be proud of himself as he did the right thing.
The jury return to give the verdict: accidental death. This means Josh is in the clear - Danny's family are outraged but Jeff McGuire and the paramedics are pleased. Outside the court he is Danny's sister Lynn walks up to Josh. He says he's sorry. She says he will be - she's not going to be fobbed off by this cover-up. She leaves, and Jeff, congratulating Josh, offers him a day off before he returns to work. Josh says no. He says the way Danny's family behaved didn't make him proud, and if he can't wear his uniform with pride, he doesn't want to wear it at all. He says, "I killed someone, and that's it. There's no way back for me. I resign."

Episode first broadcast Saturday 20th October 2001

Additional Cast
Jeff McGuire Bob Mason
Danny Oldfield Noel Clarke
Johnny Shears Steven Duffy
Wesley Sinclair Felix Dexter
Mrs Dixon Lara J West
Lynn Oldfield Tracey Saunders
Tommy Luke Hamill
Paul Colin Paqrry
Dr Edith Gartree          Mary Cunningham
Court officer Peter Clifford
Kenny Wilson Oliver Trestain
Billy Shears Jonathan Watson
Steve Tim Kirkus