Series 17 Episode 4:
Written by Leslie Stewart

The scene starts with Dillon and Lara at Lara’s house. Lara won’t eat anything, saying she feels sick. When Dillon spots a letter from Lara’s parents, she says she hasn’t read it or she’d have to reply, and she hasn’t told them about her trial. Meanwhile, Josh isn’t too happy to find that Colette has booked Salsa lessons for them, and so Colette decides to go with someone else.
Jack explains to Ryan that he’s getting roses for Nikki because it’s her award ceremony and he’s stuck at work. Just as he puts the phone down, two sisters, walk into A+E. When Hannah, one of the sisters, pukes blood Jack runs to get a nurse.
At the beginning of their shift, Fin notices that Josh still seems to have a bug. When Josh tells him about Colette booking Salsa lessons, Fin puzzles over whether he’d rather see Josh doing salsa, or Charlie break dancing.
Back inside the hospital, Simon is asking Heather if she is still seeing Dillon, suggesting that he might be more like the sort of person she should be seeing.
Harry complains to Colette that he hasn’t seen Charlie, but she reminds him that he’s taken the day off because it’s Duffy’s mother’s funeral. Also, Dillon is with Lara, which Heather is jealous of. Although Colette and Harry can’t believe Lara’s been found guilty, Simon decides to point out that she did hit him and he is dead. Heather then bets £20 against Simon that Lara will be sent down. Colette says that Heather makes her sick.
Meanwhile, Lara is trying to pack a bag to take with her, whilst Dillon tries to persuade her that she’ll be unpacking it again. She confides in him that she doesn’t think she can stand going to prison; he tries again to persuade her that she won’t be going.
Back at the hospital, Anna moans to Roxy about her baby, which Anna had to look after when Roxy didn’t come home the night before. Harry sympathises with Anna, his baby also kept him awake the previous night. Colette asks Simon if he can dance, it’s obvious she’s looking for a salsa partner.
Simon discovers that Hannah has not had her warfrin levels checked regularly, and her taken ibuprofen for a cold, which is probably what is stopping her blood clotting properly. The girl says that maybe it is meant to be like this, her sister Sonia says Hannah believes everything is pre-ordained.
A taxi pulls up at Lara’s flat, ready to take her and Dillon to court, and Lara gives Dillon the keys to her flat, in case she doesn’t come back after the hearing.
It is the day of Nikki’s award ceremony, and she turns up in a frilly top and skirt. Jeff is less than pleased, telling her that he’d rather she didn’t go looking like a ‘lady of the night’. Nikki tells Comfort, who points to something in Nikki’s locker, and suggests she wears that instead.
Simon tells Hannah that she’ll need a blood transfusion, but she refuses, saying she’s a Jehovah Witness.
At reception, a little boy turns up saying his mummy is sick. Jack asks him to take a seat, and says he’ll talk to the boy soon.
Simon is told by Hannah, that he can only fix her ‘shell’, not what’s inside her.
Lara and Dillon have arrived at court, Lara says she feels sick. She begins to write down things like how to cut off the phone and electricity and hands them to Dillon. It’s clear she’s not very hopeful.
Simon sees Colette outside one of the cubicles, and grabbing her hand starts dancing with her. Josh, who is bringing a patient in, does not seem pleased.
Hannah’s sister sees Simon, and decides to talk to him. She says when their parents died, Hannah turned to God, and she turned to Gucci. She also says she doesn’t know how o scare her sister, when she’s not afraid of dying.
Jack sees Roxy near reception, and nags her for not coming home the night before. Anna also sees, and says to Roxy that unless she sorts her kid out, then she has to get out.
Jack then goes and talks to the little boy. He asks the boy if he came in a car, or if he walked, but the boy says yes to both.
Nikki receives the flowers from Jack, and Comfort teases Jeff by asking him why she never gets flowers from him.
Josh, who is carrying a lady down some stairs with Fin, slips over.
Ryan and Jack both talk to the boy. He says he’s four, he lives in a house, and the telephone number is 123465.
Sonia is talking to Hannah about her beliefs, saying that she passes the ‘test’ she has been sent and then she’s dead. Jack says the boy’s mother isn’t on the computer; the boy says she’s in the car.
In court, Lara’s barrister is saying that Lara is dedicated to the saving, not taking of lives. Unfortunately, the judge seems bored by the barrister’s speech. Ryan takes the boy for a walk around the car park, trying to find his mums car. Josh slips down the stairs again, and Fin decides to call for backup, which is Comfort. She then leaves to go to Nikki’s award ceremony. Ryan and the little boy find his mothers’ car, but his mother is unconscious. Comfort arrives late to the award ceremony, but in time to hear Jeff fussing about Nikki being a technician, not a paramedic. Nikki then shocks Jeff – she’s worn her stab vest to the ceremony. Anna and Harry arrive to help the boy’s mother, and Anna sees her medical help bracelet. Harry, who hasn’t seen it, makes a sarcastic comment about psychic nurses, and Anna tells him to ‘use your eyes o wise one’. Harry says well done to Anna, but she tells him not to be nice, it makes her nervous. Fin tells Josh that age gets to everyone.
The judge tells Lara that she is guilty of a crime that is serious enough to require a custodial sentence, of 3 years imprisonment. Dillon shouts out that it is wrong.
Harry takes the diabetic woman into the hospital.
Back at court, Dillon asks Lara’s defence lawyer to get a message to her saying that he’ll sort everything, and call her parents. Simon has another phone call from Lisa, the girl whose number he got in the last episode. He tells Jack he’s still not here because he doesn’t want to talk to her, so Jack tells the girl that Simon told him to say he wasn’t here. Josh is upset about Colette going to Salsa with Simon, but she says she’d still rather be going with him.
At Nikki’s award ceremony, she is being interviewed by a journalist, but Jeff keeps answering her questions for her. However, Nikki decides to take matters into her own hands and tells the journalist that she had to pay £300 for her stab vest. She says if she had one when she was stabbed, she wouldn’t be a so-called hero now. Finally she tells the journalist that Dr. Stone is on trial today for defending herself, and that she is the real hero. She then leaves, and the journalist starts to question Jeff.
Anna and Harry manage to stabilise the diabetic woman.
Jeff is angry with Nikki for talking to the journalist, but Nikki says if Jeff had let her be a dippy girl in a party frock none of that would have happened, he got what he deserved.
At the hospital, the girl Simon asked out turns up and slaps Simon when he says he doesn’t actually want to see her. Unfortunately for Simon, Harry sees and reminds Simon the hospital is not his personal pick up joint. As a reward, Heather kisses him on the cheek, and then walks off.
Meanwhile, Hannah has another haemorrhage. Simon talk to her sister, as Hannah needs a blood transfusion, saying that if the sister agrees to the transfusion, then Simon will say Hannah didn’t tell him. She agrees, and Simon gives the girl a blood transfusion.
The diabetic woman wakes up, asking to see Alex. Anna tells her she has been ill, and Anna explains that Alex showed them where she was. Harry then has a call from Dillon, who is at Lara’s. The diabetic woman then sees her son, who Roxy has been playing with. Anna says to Roxy, at least that’s one kid she likes spending time with.
Hannah wakes up after the transfusion, and pulls the blood out. Harry takes the phone call from Dillon in his office. Dillon tells him that Lara got 3 years and Harry is shocked. He says he feels awful, because he told Lara that she wouldn’t go to prison. Obviously still shocked, Harry says ‘what have they done?’ Colette interrupts Harry, saying he’d better come down to rescus, Harry tells her about Lara then leaves. Hannah is angry with Simon, saying she wants him to take the blood out, and that he’s taken everything she had. Harry enters rescus and Simon says that Hannah’s sister will back him up. Harry hopes so, because he’s already lost one good doctor today; he tells Simon and Heather that Lara got three years.
Next, we see Lara in a police van that enters the jail. Harry and Simon are in his office with Hannah’s sister, who back’s up Simon. Colette reminds Simon that Hannah can still sue the hospital. Lara is waiting at a police officer’s desk, while her bag is checked. The police officer takes away her photo of Patrick because of the glass, but Lara grabs it, removing the glass and clutches the photo. The police officer ‘calm down Stone’ and when she tells the officer she is a doctor the officer tells her she’s not in here, she’s just a number.
Outside A+E, Simon sees Hannah’s sister. She tells him that he may have saved her life, but now he never has to see her again and she has to live with Hannah’s hate.
Lara is now in the prison cell, and she starts to cry. The police officer looks through the keyhole and sees her crying, but walks away.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 5th October 2002

Additional Cast
QL Leon Willis          Jack Fortune
Melanie Collier          Lisa Palfrey
QC Mrs Conolly          Victoria Wicks
Judge          Virginia Denham
Jeff McGuire          Bob Mason
Hanna Guzman          Georgina Freeman
Sonia Guzman          Jaime Murray
Alex          Joshua Ogunro
Philippa Martin          Charlotte Woolford
Kevin          David Rees Talbot
Fred          John Paton
Sadie          Tehmina Sacranie
Pauline          Melanie Downs
Lisa          Inika Leigh Wright

Written by Amelia Phillips