Series 17 Episode 40:
Written by Gregory Evans

It's Jack and Nikki's wedding day, but things quickly go wrong. As Dillon drives Nikki to the wedding, a trap set by Vinnay ends in Dillon being shot and Nikki being abducted. Dillon is found and taken to A&E, seriously injured, but eventually the team realise he will be okay. Meanwhile Jack has received a phone call from Vinnay, offering Nikki's safe return in exchange for the 300,000. Jack, who only has a third of the money, tries to trick Vinnay, and eventually manages to follow him to the boat where Nikki is. But his rescue attempt fails - Jack is shot in the leg, and Vinnay realises the police, alerted by Tony, are on their way. Locking Jack and Nikki in the boat, he sets it alight and casts it off. Nikki manages to free herself and knock the door down. She drags Jack out with her, and he throws her overboard where she swims to safety. But Jack collapses onto the deck, and Tony and Nikki watch as the boat explodes...

Episode first broadcast Saturday 21st June 2003

Additional Cast
Vinnay Ramdas          Paul Sharma
Lee          Nigel Barratt
Matt Walton          Ed Browning
Debbie Hall          Frances Simon
DI Levitt          John Peters