Series 17 Episode 6:
Written by Peter Mills

Roxanne is desperate to try and get her mother to look after her baby. Her mother refuses and Roxanne desperately dumps her baby at a crèche. However, the crèche can only look after a child for two hours, and Roxanne’s shift is a lot more than that. She leaves the baby at the crèche, meaning to try and come back and get it later.
Meanwhile Charlie tells Jack off for trying to protect Nikki on a shout last episode when a gun was used and he wasn't even supposed to be in the ambulance with Comfort and Nikki.
Fin is called to a shout where a downs syndrome mother, her child and their carer are involved in a car crash. They get taken into the hospital.
Dillon becomes heavily involved with the downs-syndrome mother and her child, after their carer died resusc.
The new security guard asks Duffy out for dinner, but she refuses, knowing that she has to look after her children as her mother and Andrew are now dead, so there is no one else to look after the children.
Comfort and Nikki are called to a junkyard where an injured man is lying, after being beaten up. Comfort makes friends with a man who is with the injured man when they turn up, called David James. David James later asks Comfort out for a drink sometime.
Roxanne desperately leaves her shift in order to pick up her baby- but she is very late, and she gets in trouble with the crèche.
The injured man's girlfriend turns up, and she is desperate for them to get away because her family want her to have an arranged marriage with another person she doesn't want to get married to. They try to escape, and Roxanne catches them, and persuades them to wait for Duffy. She calls Duffy, who agrees to let them go. As soon as they try to leave, people from the girl's family try to get in to the hospital. They get in and try to find the man. When the injured man and the girl are outside, they attack them. The girl is Ok, but her boyfriend is not and is brought into resusc.
The boyfriend dies, and the girl is so distraught that she cuts her wrists. When she goes outside, she finds her brother, who tells her that everything will be Ok, and he discovers that she has cut her wrists.
The downs-syndrome mother and her daughter are separated, much to Dillon's horror, as social services cannot look after them both together.
Nikki discovers that a newspaper wants to interview her and do a piece on her, after she won the bravery award.
Dillon and Simon come to blows over Heather.
Roxanne abandons her baby in a mother and baby unit in a shopping centre, feeling she cannot cope any longer.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 19th October 2002

Additional Cast
Stella          Maggie Tagney
Mary Hart          Cherry Moore
Dave James          Louis Decosta Johnson
Joe Thomas          Robin King
Patricia Gillet          Noreen Leighton
Sabine          Siwan Morris
Joanne          Jennifer Daley
Ray          Scott Bailey
Audrey Harris          Veronique Parry
Sophie          Angharad Parry
Gary          Mark Monero

Written by Bryony Claridge and Zoe Parton