Series 17 Episode 9:
Written by Greg Evans

An injured baby is brought into resusc and it will not stop crying until Roxanne takes hold of it.
Nikki’s picture from the newspaper shoot is pinned up in the staffroom and Jack isn’t very happy about it.
Collette begs Finn for more information on what is bothering Josh, but all he is going for tests. Collette is very exasperated.
A girl tries to commit suicide by taking pills.
Jack isn’t talking to Nikki properly. She thought that he would be pleased with the picture the newspaper took.
Collette tries to talk to Josh but he keeps getting called away.
The girl’s boyfriend tries to rescue her and calls an ambulance. Josh and Nikki attend to it.
Meanwhile Melanie Collier is admitting to the jury and the court about what really happened and that Lara was right to defend herself.
A couple of boys try to steal an old lady’s handbag, but in the process the boy gets knocked over by an oncoming car.
The father of Roxanne’s baby, Nicole, turns out to be the student’s boyfriend and an old teacher of Roxanne’s who she had an affair with.
Lara is finally freed of her conviction as Melanie Collier has told the truth.
Jan Goddard is adamant that she does not want Lara back, ‘because of the headlines.’ She tries to persuade Charlie that it would be better for Lara to start again somewhere else, but both Charlie and Harry Harper are having none of it.
Harry rings Lara. She tells him that she is free. Lara is desperate to come back to work in Holby straight away. Harry says that is exactly what will happen.
It turns out that the father of Roxanne’s baby has been having numerous affairs with students. Roxanne is devastated as the talks to the student in resusc, but not letting on that she was one of those students.
The old lady turns out to have cancer that is far too late to be stopped, and the boy who tried to steal her handbag is devastated.
Heather makes a mistake at diagnosing from an X-ray, and Dillon spots the mistake. Heather then tries to take the credit by going to ask Harry to come and have a look on the X-ray by saying that she’s seen something funny.
The student who tried to commit suicide recovers and is desperate to get her own back on the teacher by phoning his wife. Roxanne tells him to ‘expect a letter from the child support agency.’
It turns out that Josh is really fine and there is nothing too serious to worry about. Collette is delighted that their marriage is back to normal once again.
Harry makes a speech at Lara’s ‘Welcome Back’ party, and tells everyone that Jan Goddard has wanted Lara to come back to work at Holby all along, whereas she really hasn’t. This is so she now cannot refuse to have Lara back, which is what Harry and Charlie want to happen.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 9th November 2002

Additional Cast
Eddie Vincent          Philip Martin Brown
Mark Christie          Stefan Dennis
Molly Blythe          Rachel Leskovac
Melanie Collier          Lisa Palfrey
Kath Berry          Gudrun Ure
Dom Powell          Paul Davidson
Lord Justice Huggins          John Nicholas
QC Leon Willis          Jack Fortune
Fran          Hannah Speller
Howard          Phil Ormerod
PC Atkins          Tarek Ramini
Ben          Luke Bailey
Paula Powell          Julie-Christian Young

Written by Bryony Claridge