Series 1 Episode 2:
Written by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin

Kuba is distraught to learn that his dream woman Miss Clements is already attached. Duffy has a few problems when Phil and Rosie Jessop start to argue in the plaster room.
The DHSS wants to centralise Holby's casualty department but Ewart disagrees and argues with DHSS inspector Bob Bates (David Simeon), who comes in to do a spot check on the permanent night shift and is not impressed. He reveals that Hospital Administrator Norman Parker in fact invited him to the department. Ewart has to cancel dinner with his wife in order to show the man around the department. When Ewart is called away, Bob wanders into the Porter's Lodge where he finds Kuba who is more than happy to detail the problems of the night shift!
Megan is angry with Baz for admitting a pregnant mother so that she can have her baby induced for convenience.
Two young girls (Debbie and Jackie Clark) play at dodging trains on a railway line. Debbie suffers a head injury after falling from a bridge and Jackie calls for help. While Charlie and Baz wait for ambulance crew Ponting and Mute to arrive he reveals that he has split up with his latest girlfriend Liz. When the girls do arrive, Debbie needs an operation to treat a ruptured spleen but Jackie won't reveal their parents' names. After being confronted by Megan about his drinking problem, King redeems himself by eventually getting the girl's parent's names from Jackie so that Debbie may be treated.
Mr Johnathan Potter, complaining of chest pains after playing squash, is brought in by Richard. The pain is only muscle spasms but the man is convinced he's really ill.
Ruth White arrives in reception with a sick baby, which, it transpires, she snatched from its real mother earlier. She pinches a pair of scissors, hides in the toilets and threatens to stab the infant. Charlie worries for Baz's safety when she confronts the woman to try and calm her down. She succeeds but the baby is already dead. Charlie is left to inform the mother.
At the end of the shift Ewart's wife Ros (Sonia Woolley) arrives with his packed suitcase - their marriage is over.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 13th September 1986

Additional Cast
Brenner Colin Fisher
Bob Bates David Simeon
Ruth White Zelah Clarke
Johnathan Alan Coveney
Richard Andrew Hall
Debbie Clark Karen Seers
Jackie Clark Sophie Millard
Mr Clark           Christopher Ashley
Phil Jessop Niven Boyd
Rosie Jessop Tracy Harper
Ros Plimmer Sonia Wooley

Written by Adrian Busby