Series 1 Episode 7:
Written by Susan Wilkins

It's the end of the shift. Baz and Charlie discuss smoking while Megan comes out having seen a consultant. Her husband asks her how it when she is very evasive and changes the subject by pointing out the Baz and Charlie are leaving together in Baz's car.
A woman (who we later discover is Mrs Blair) runs into her son's (Edward) room. She realises that she is being followed and fantically looks round for the key and manages to lock to door before anyone else can enter.
Baz and Charlie arrive back at her place and Charlie is impressed. there is an awkward pause then Baz says she isn't into the social nicities. She tells him if he wants a coffee it's in the kitchen and he'll have to make it, the bed is in the bedroom and he'll probably have to make that too. Charlie asks, "Anything else?" and Baz kisses him.
Mrs Blair and Edward wake up and she desides to see if it is safe yet. She makes it down to the phone but as she waits for someone to pick up she sees some legs, coming down the stairs, in the mirror above the phone.
Baz and Charlie are in bed. "Charlie…you won't say anything to anybody about this, will you?" asks Baz. "Come on, what do you take me for?" replies Charlie. She says, "Sorry, I know, I didn't mean…It's just that most men would do. It'd be round the hospital in five minutes." Charlie tells her he's not most men. "No, I realise that," she replies. "You're quite a revelation in fact." Charlie asks what she means, and she replies, "Well…most men aren't soft, or considerate. I suppose they've never learnt how to be. They just jump into bed and they do it…they do it to you, not with you...Every now and again you meet a man with some…education." She tells him he's a nice man to be with, but adds, "The trouble is, it could get to be addictive." "I should hope so," replies Charlie.
Susie, arriving for the next shift noices Charlie and Baz arriving together.
Ponting and Mute bring in Mrs Blair badly beaten up and raped. Edward is with her. Charlie stoops to speak to Edward and the boy punchs him in the groin.
Charlie finds Baz in the staff room taking speed. He comments on it, saying she's not the first SHO he's seen popping pills, but she's the first who's any concern of his. Baz snaps at him, telling him not to put her on his special concerns list.
King is dealing with a man who has abdonimal pains and is bringing up a substance that is like coffee grounds. King tells Baz about him, and that he thinks it might be a perforated ulcer. Baz, who is rushed off her feet, tells him to get Mr Thornton the surgeon down, without even looking at the patient. Mr Thornton arrives and decides that the patient with abdo pains isn't in need of surgery and berates a hassled Baz for calling him down for no reason. Baz asks him to have a look at Mrs Blair while he is in the department. Mrs Blair is still not really talking and very shaken up. Megan starts to get to work on her while Charlie trys to talk to Edward. Edward starts to say some odd things. Meanwhile Mr Blair arrives wanting to see his wife and son. Susie sents him into the department just before Edward and Charlie arrive. Edward is obviously scared. Mr Thornton notices Mr Blair and greets him by his first name.
Ewart, Mr Thornton and Charlie have a meeting about the Blairs. From what the boy has said Mrs Blair was beaten and raped up by her husband, who has been abusing Edward. Mr Thornton claims that it can't be true, as he knows Mr Blair who is a respected architect. The discussion is getting heated when King puts his head round the door to tell them that an asthmatic is coming in. Charlie rushes to resusc where he joins forces with Baz and King to recieve the asthmatic. Unfortunately the patient is getting worse and Baz can't see why. Charlie sugests a pneumothorax, Baz agrees but she is starting to panic and can't work out which lung. Charlie tells King to get the medical reg urgently. The medical reg arrives and pushes Baz out of the way and treats the asthmatic. She then goes on to look at the man with abdo pain and suggests that it is some pills that his GP has put him on that are causing the problem. She then turns to Baz and tells her that they need a chat.
Charlie and King confront Mr Blair about beating up his wife and tell him that the police are on the way. Mr Blair says that he can't be arrested for raping his own wife. Charlie points out that he might get away with the rape but he wont get away with child abuse.
Charlie finds Baz outside. She is upset about her failure in resusc and about the telling off she got from the medical reg. Charlie tells her she's the best SHO he has seen. She thanks him for being her friend; he tells her he wants to be more than just friends. Baz tells him she can't be his lover. Their conversation is broken up when the sound of smashing glass summons Charlie to run off and break up a fight in reception.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 18th October 1986

Written by Claire