Series 2 Episode 9:
Written by Ray Brennan and Jeremy Brock

Two suspcious looking men - Scott and Neal (Peter McNamara - see also one where he's back from the army and abuses his wife) - enter a high street jewellers. The owner is nervous until it transpires they want to by an engagement ring. They return to their flat in Cavangh Road.
It's time for Ewart and Ros' divorce hearing. Ewart is left with nothing but both Charlie and Elizabeth provide support.
Karen and Cyril both pass their exams, but Karen is still unhappy. She later reveals to Charlie that she plans to leave nursing and go to London. She's had enough of the low pay, lack of promotion opportunities etc. Charlie reveals to her that he's going to London for a job interview for Clerical Nursing Manager.
Ewart and Elizabeth decide to continue their affair more openly and while dining out are shocked by a massive explosion. It's come from a block of flats on Cavangh Road and was caused by a couple on the ground floor making a bomb. An elderly woman, injured in the blast, is brought in. Her son (Christopher Ellison) hurls abuse at Megan because she's Irish, and thus, he insists, responsible for the IRA. A struggle ensues and he's escorted away. This upsets Megan immensely but she reveals to Ewart that she's worried that her cancer may re-occur, she has family problems and is moonlighting to support them.
Duffy's frosty relationship with Mary thaws when they are required to attend the scene of the bomb as the medical "flying squad". When a fireman using a heat seeking camera discovers that there's someone still alive under the rubble, Mary insists on going in. She is accompanied by a fireman and discovers a young man. She has a shock when, later on, she slips and falls through some loose wood under the rubble. She's confronted by the face of a dead woman below. The fireman hauls her back up, they save the young man and rush him to casualty. In the ambulance, Duffy comforts her after her ordeal.
Back in A&E, Megan has a dilemma. Only one of the two young males caught in the blast has survived. But she only has a jacket to use to identify him. Both sets of parents are there and one father identifies the jacket as belonging to their son Scott. Ewart tells them he's still alive but very ill. Unfortunately, it's Neal that is in crash - he had borrowed Scott's jacket earlier that night.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 8th November 1987

Additional Cast
Neal Peter McNamara
Scott Lee Walker
Jenny Julie Dawn Cole
Station Officer Christopher Reich
First Fire Officer Jonathon McKenna
Wayne Davisson Christopher Ellison
Mr. Phillips Frank Mills
Mrs. Lippman Penelope Nice
Paul Lipman Oliver Hembrough
Miss Harris Emer Gillespie
Bomber Christopher Whitehouse
Mr. Wright James Ottaway
Police Sergeant Robert Wesley
Police Constable Martin Hill-Jones
Jeweller Anthony Donovan
Police Divisional Commander     Vass Anderson

Written by Adrian Busby