Series 7 Episode 15:
Written by Ginnie Hole

The team enjoy their Christmas meal before the night shift. On arrival at work they are pleased to learn that the department has finally been given the go ahead for a triage system. Duffy is puzzled by a mystery present for Peter- although she suspects it's from Andrew since Paul has already sent a cheque.
Josh and Jane are called out to a casualty at a Christmas party. When she is eventually found, she has swallowed a bottle of Tricyclix anti-depressants with alcohol and so is admitted. Sandra and Max wash out her stomach and advice that she stays in overnight. However, she is unwilling to do this and discharges herself.
A young homeless girl arrives claiming stomach pains. On examination, Rob realises she is faking them but both her and Max plead with him to let here stay. However, Charlie isn't happy and Rob has to send her to the Open Christmas Refuge.
An elderly couple argue (Dorothy Tutin and TP McKenna). While the husband is out at the pub, their son (Jeff Rawle) arrives to tell them that his family won't be coming over for Christmas. Father and son argue when he returns home and he begs his mother to spend Christmas with them. She refuses and after her husband knocks her to the floor she stabs him repeatedly. Josh and Jane arrive to take them to casualty. On the way, Jane hits the young girl discharged by Rob earlier and crashes the ambulance into a lamppost. Paramedic Jo (Lucy Unwin) helps out. In casualty, it transpires that the woman has suffered years of physical abuse. The man dies due to his injuries and the woman is arrested for murder. Meanwhile the young girl has suffered severe injuries to her left arm and must be operated on to avoid loosing her hand. Jane suffers whiplash and Josh tries to cheer her up. The girl's lost father (Michael Melia) arrives and is pleased to inform her that the team managed to save her hand.
Sandra tries to contact Julian with little success, until he rings back at the end of the shift. Duffy invites Charlie to Christmas dinner and Ash is spending Christmas with Nikki.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 26th December 1992

Additional Cast
Claire Toni-Sue Burley
Doreen Jackson Dorothy Tutin
Arthur Jackson T.P. McKenna
Len Jackson Jeff Rawle
Helen Holloway Erika Hoffman
Suzie Brennan Rebecca Callard
Mick Brennan Michael Melia
PC Tony Roberts James Blackwell
WPC Julia Paige     Sandra James-Young
Rowland Stafford Gordon
Cressida Judy Monahan
Ozzy Michael Jenner
Cardiotheracic Surgeon John Hudson
Orthopaedic Registrar Chris Tranchell
Lucy Jo Unwin

Written by Adrian Busby