Series 8 Episode 13:
Written by Susan Wilkins

Duffy is working her last shift at Holby A&E before going on maternity leave and as she plans not to return after having the baby it is her last shift for several years. She suggests to Adele that she apply for her job, telling her she'd be good at it. This angers Ash, who thought Duffy would back him for the post. Duffy spends much of her final shift dealing with a cot death. The baby's father initially says he'll sue the hospital for negligence as he accuses them of not doing enough to save the baby. He goes home and phones his solicitor while his wife is grieving alone in the hospital. Then he comes to his senses and returns to the hospital and apologises to the staff for his behaviour. He finally gives in to his grief and comforts his wife.
A Bosnian muslim has fled from his country to Britain and entered the country illegally without a work permit. He is searching for his wife and daughter, who have already sought assylum in Britain. After Jane finds out who the man is Mark Calder tells her to shop him to the Police. He says it will be 'a feather in our caps' but Jane is more concerned about the man's welfare. His wife is found and comes to Holby and they are reunited. The woman is so overjoyed to see her husband again she hugs all the hospital staff in thanks.
Mike Barratt waltzes in mid way through the shift. He has just got back from his trip to Africa and pops in to see how everyone is. Meanwhile his replacement Tom Harley is on hand to detect a case of tuberculosis. An old gypsy Hank (Pete Postlethwaite) is brought in to Holby. His other gyspsy friends and he are heading to Wales, where Hank thinks he's going to die of Aids, when they have to detour to Holby because Hank collapses. Tom questions Hank about his health and Hank tells him he took an HIV test a few months back. Hank thinks judging from his past history (he had been a practicising homosexual for years and never took precautions) that its pretty obvious the test results will show he's positive but Tom doubts this. The results of the HIV test are negative and Tom's diagnosis of tuberculosis is correct. Most of the other staff had not dealt with a case of TB before but cases were common when Tom first started his medical career nearly 50 years ago.
Karen tells Tom that she has learnt a lot from him saying 'nothing ever phases you, does it'. She asks him if he'll be having a leaving party like Duffy but Tom says he'll just 'potter off into the sunset'.
As the shift nears its close Duffy, who is still a bit upset from the earlier cot death bumps into Charlie in the corridor outside the crash room. She says to him, "Can I ask you to do something please?"; Charlie says yes and she says, "Just give me a hug!" and the two embrace. Mike Barratt walks in and says, 'It's about bloody time too!"
As all the staff leave for Duffy's farewell party Charlie asks Duffy what she's going to call the baby. She says she's going to call it Charlie. Charlie asks "What if it's a girl?" Duffy replies, "Especially if it's a girl."

Episode first broadcast Saturday 11th December 1993

Written by Christopher Watson