Series 8 Episode 21:
Written by David Richard-Fox

Jane is continuing to feel the pressure in her role as A&E line manager. She is working around the clock to try and reduce her mountain of paperwork but Charlie has little sympathy for her, telling her thats what senior positions are like.
A young woman junkie is picked up in the ambulance by paramedics Eric and Chris, semi-concious after a fix of drugs. They try to treat her but she runs off. Later she is picked up by paramedics Josh and Lucy, who bring her into Holby. Then after the woman arrives at Holby she shouts the place down and accuses Josh of sexual harrasment. He is in hot water for a while as his duty manager Ross Woodhouse and Charlie investigate the allegations. Then the woman sees Eric in the corridor and says 'thats him, hes the one who felt me up' so Josh is told he is no longer under suspicion, while Eric is in hot water.
A teenage lad Jason is brought into Casualty suffering from suspected concussion. His French mother is getting herself in a state and is seen by Mike, who diagnoses heart problems. Jason is given a clean bill of health. Mike explains the situation to her husband Norman, who is eating fish and chips in the relatives room ! He tells Mike she's making a fuss and there's nothing wrong with her but Mike tells him its serious and they'll have to keep her in. Norman says' who'll look after the boy' and Mike, becoming angrier by the second tells Norman he thought he would. Later Mike says 'I am not generally racist but sometimes I really hate the English!'
Meanwhile an old man Wesley Bryant is brought in after being found unconcious in his house, which is fitted with a complex security system. His neighbour, who is in the home security business and who installed the equipment, comes in with him and tries to flog his stuff to members of Holby staff. He says things like 'there's a break in in Britain every 43 seconds'. He tries his selling routine on Frankie but Frankie says 'and you're his best friend....poor sod !' Meanwhile Mr.Bryant's daughter comforts her father and it transpires he is paranoid about being burgled because they had a break in when his wife was alive and this shook her up and she died soon afterwards. The cause of her death was cancer but he refuses to accept this, blaming the break in.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 5th February 1994

Written by Christopher Watson