Series 14 began with the team trying to save Sam's life after his fall from the balcony above. The same night, a patient was brought in covered in radioactive waste, leading to the department being temporarily closed.
Later in the series a new resuscitation room was built. New SHO Holly Miles organised a sponsored parachute jump to raise funds to decorate the old resusc, now used as paediatric resusc.
Sam, Sunny and Eve all left Holby A&E during the series, Eve resigning after helping her friend Gerry to die. Adam made a return to nursing despite Duffy's objections when she discovered he was HIV positive, becoming staff nurse in A&E. Barney Wolfe also joined the team as staff nurse, and new paramedic, Finlay Newton arrived in time to be featured on a documentary made about Holby's paramedics. Patrick Spiller joined the team as special registrar.
The team were shocked when Max's son Frank was brought into A&E after being set alight by his ex-drug dealers. They failed to save his life, to everyone's despair.
The series ended with episodes set partly in Australia as Tina set out to find Sean - they ended up getting married.
The final scene of the series saw Charlie collapsing, clutching his chest…


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Eve Montgomery (Sister)
Lisa Duffin (Staff nurse/Sister)
Sam Colloby (Staff nurse)
Tina Seabrook (Staff nurse)
Chloe Hill (Staff nurse)
Adam Osman (Bed manager/Staff nurse)
Barney Wolfe (Staff nurse)

Max Gallagher (Consultant)
Patrick Spiller (Special registrar)
Sean Maddox (SHO)
Holly Miles (SHO)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Penny Hutchens (Paramedic)
Finlay Newton (Paramedic)

Amy Howard (Receptionist)
Derek Sunderland (Porter)


1. Calm Before the Storm (Part 1)
2. Calm Before the Storm (Part 2)
3. Truth or Dare
4. Words and Deeds
5. Crossroads
6. Lost Souls
7. Everybody Hurts
8. Seeing the Light
9. Off the Wall
10. Benny and the Vets (Part 1)
11. Benny and the Vets (Part 2)
12. Sins of the Mother
13. Looking After Number One
14. To Have and to Hold
15. Free Fall
16. Just a Kiss
17. Peace on Earth
18. The Morning After
19. Untouchable
20. Fall Out
21. Full On
22. Mirror Image
23. Burned Out Hearts
24. Tough Love
25. Not Waving but Drowning
26. Seize the Night
27. Life Support
28. Blood Brothers
29. Being There (Part 1)
30. Being There (Part 2)


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