Series 4 began with a lot of new faces in Holby A&E. Jack the lad Jimmy Powell replaced the manic Kuba as Holby porter. Juvenile Julie Stevens replaced Sadie Tomkins as receptionist.
Duffy had a brief romance with new medical registrar Andrew Bower which resulted in her becoming pregnant. Andrew left Holby and Duffy did not come with him as she came to terms with raising the unborn child on her own.
Valerie and Charlie went out a few times but Jimmy and Julie's one night together turned sour as a drunk Jimmy became too pushy. Duffy not only had a baby on the way but also had to come to terms with her increased responsibilities as Sister. New student nurse Alex Spencer felt the wrath of Duffy many times.
New SHO Lucy Perry did not see eye to eye with Duffy either. Lucy's oddball ideas didn't go down well with everyone. In one episode she used relaxation techniques as a form of treatment for one of her patients which did not please one doctor.
Cyril, meanwhile, was becoming increasingly disillusioned with being taken for granted.
Megan's life continued to go through a tough period. She and husband Ted's marriage was as good as over and she continued to live in the poky flat on her own. Charlie caught her stealing valium from the hospital drugs cabinet and made her flush her supply away.
Then, in the final episode of the series, Alex's leaving party was interrupted by an explosion in the city centre. Holby Casualty was overrun with patients and the major incident plan was put into operation. Maggie McCarthy (who played receptionist Helen Green in series 5) made a guest appearance as a receptionist in this episode.
Written by Christopher Watson


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Lisa Duffin (Sister)
Cyril James (Staff nurse)
Megan Roach (SEN)
Alex Spencer (Student nurse)

Andrew Bower (Registrar)
Lucy Perry (SHO)

Keith Cotterill (Paramedic)
Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)

Julie Stevens (Receptionist)
Jimmy Powell (Porter)
Valerie Sinclair (Outpatients' Services Manager)


1. Chain Reaction
2. Accidents Happen
3. A Grand in the Hand
4. Day Off
5. Vital Spark
6. Charity
7. Victim of Circumstance
8. Deluge
9. Union
10. Taking Stock
11. Banking for Beginners
12. Hanging On


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