(Ella Wilder)

Shirley Franklin took over from Sandra Mute after her untimely death and together with Keith Cotterill formed the ambulance paramedic team until the end of series 3. Although Keith and Shirley were not as central to the show as their predecessors they still appeared frequently. Born in Jamaica, Shirley had trouble getting to work on her first day when police blocked off her street. Her son was missing and she was worried. The police were questioning locals in her black community about drugs. When she returned home from her shift Shirley's estate was like a battlefield but her son was safe and well in the care of a neighbour. Shirley was an easy going sort of person (she had to be to put up with Keith's jokes) and she got on fine with everyone in the department. Josh Griffiths replaced her at the start of series 4.

Written by Christopher Watson