(Maureen O' Brien)

Elizabeth Straker took over the role of hospital administrator in series 2. Unlike her predecessor as Hospital Administrator Norman Parker, Mrs. Straker was often to be seen around the department. When Ewart Plimmer fought to re-open the Casualty nightshift at the beginning of the series Straker opposed him. She didn't think it would be cost effective. But as she got to know the staff and saw what a tough life it was in A&E Mrs. Straker realised that the shift provided a valuable and neccessary service to the public. She would often stay in the department during the nightshift, despite the fact her job only required her to do day hours. She got to know Ewart better and the two former adverseries fell in love. Although they had some fierce rows the two were quite well suited to each other. Ewart was devastated when Straker left Holby and moved to America at the end of the series. She was greatly missed by the staff and new administrator Valerie Sinclair had a tough task trying to fill her shoes.

Written by Christopher Watson