(Helena Little)

Mary Tomlinson arrived as SHO for series 2. Rather humourless and cold, Duffy in particular soon began to dislike her. Originally from Newcastle, Mary had taken elocution lessons to lose her accent. She met up with Ewart Plimmer when he and his staff were fighting to re-open the nightshift at the start of the series. When the nightshift re-opened she filled the gap left by the sudden departure of Baz. She was knowledgable but a bit shy and didn't mix well with any of the staff at first and could be a little cold with patients as well. Duffy and Mary's animosity thawed when the two were called out to assist casualties at a bomb scene. Mary risked her life to go down through tunnels in the rubble to assist a patient and Duffy respected her for doing it. Mary showed her human side and on the journey back to Holby she told Duffy how scared she was and the two became friendly towards each other. Then, cheeky student nurse Cyril James won a bet that he could persuade Mary to have breakfast with him. She agreed to have breakfast but guessed Cyril's real reason for doing it and bought all the most expensive food and drink as a form of revenge. In another episode Mary's father (who was staying with her) was brought into Casualty and Mary was too embarassed to treat him. Mary left at the end of the series and was replaced by the very different David Rowe.

Written by Christopher Watson