(Eamon Boland)

Tony Walker, the social worker in Series 5, appeared to be a nice, caring sort of guy on the surface but this concealed the fact that he was a cad and a liar. He had a romance with Megan Roach but Megan found out that he was still living with his wife, contrary to what he'd told her. Poor old Megan was still grieving over the death of her husband Ted and could have done without Tony Walker conning her like he did. The romance ended when Tony's wife turned up in Casualty and told Megan the real truth about Tony. Naturally an upset Megan ended the affair at once but Tony still thought that Megan would come on a weekend break with him. So lacking in morals was Tony that he thought he could charm his way into getting what he wanted but he was mistaken as far as Megan was concerned. He was replaced as social worker in Series 6 by Trish Baynes.

Written by Christopher Watson