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Boiling Point (Series 7 episode 24)
On the last shift before Duffy's wedding, vandals have set fire to the hospital, destroying the Casualty department.
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Duty of Care (Series 9 episode 24)
Baz has recently returned to Holby, now married, and tensions have been high between her and Charlie, whom she left almost eight years earlier. This evening, a lunatic, who blamed Baz for his mother's death in a corridor of A&E, has just blown up the hospital, and Charlie has offered a shaken Baz a lift home...
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Everlasting Love (Series 12 episode 26)
Charlie and Baz have finally married, and Amy, Sam, Tina and Co. are about to give them their very own rendition of "Everlasting Love".
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Benny and the Vets (Series 14 episode 11)
Something's been waiting to happen between Duffy and Max for a long time. Finally, a row about Max's interview technique seems about to spark it off...
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Merry Christmas Dr Spiller (Series 15 episode 16)
On their way to work after a Christmas dinner, Patrick and Holly's car has broken down in the snow.
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Breaking the Spell (Series 15 episode 35)
Tom has kidnapped Holly and killed Andrew...
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Memories (Series 16 episode 29)
Lara says goodbye to Patrick.
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