(Mamta Kaash)

Dr. Beth Ramanee arrived in Casualty as the new SHO at the start of Series 5. She may have given the impression of being shy and slightly feeble but Beth was a good doctor. Of Indian extraction, Beth was irritated when she went for one job when the interviewer suggested that she might want to return to her country of origin. 'If you had taken the time to read my CV you'd know this was my country of origin' she replied. Another new arrival Julian Chapman was constantly putting her down. She tried to argue her case but Julian got his way every time. The reason being that although he could be patronising and superior, Julian was usually right.
Beth gained the respect of Julian as he came to realise that she was a good doctor. Nigel Le Vaillant even urged the writers to allow Julian to have an affair with Beth, but it was not to be. Despite warming to her, Julian could still be patronising towards Beth at times. One such incident occured at the start of Series 6 when Beth was fighting a negligence case filed against her. When she turned to him for advice, Julian said 'someone has questioned your judgement. The degree to which it affects you is up to you.' Naturally Beth won the case and left Casualty at the end of the series to become a GP. Ironically it was Julian who missed her the most.

Written by Christopher Watson