(Nigel Le Vaillant)

When Julian first arrived in Casualty in series 5 he did not prove popular with the rest of the staff. He and Megan Roach were soon at loggerheads as Julian criticised her for getting 'too involved'. Although he appeared to be a cold, patronising loner Julian cared deeply about saving lives. His clinical skills were unmatched and he was much respected by patients. But he continued to demand impeccable standards from his fellow members of staff. Young SHO Dr. Beth Ramanee bore the main brunt of Julian's criticisms. When Charlie was shot it was Julian who galvanised a shellshocked team into action to save his life.
Promoted to consultant in series 6 Julian tried to persuade Beth (whom he'd come to appreciate) to stay on in Casualty when she was looking to branch out elsewhere.
Julian showed his human side in series 7 when he fell in love. Persuaded into singing 'A Hard Days Night' with nurse Sandra Nicholl at the staff karaoke, Julian put in the performance of the evening as he and Sandra began their relationship. Although Julian tried to keep the affair secret it wasn't long before everyone caught on. During this series Julian battled with the nasty, smarmy administrator Simon Eastman. He went to the press after a row with and in the peak of the moment announced his resignation. He asked Sandra to come with him but she decided to remain with her husband, who worked on an oil rig in the North Sea. As Sandra felt the pain of life without Julian, new consultant Mike Barratt (who had met Julian at a conference) revealed that Julian watched his brother die in front of him.
In his time at Casualty Julian had established himself as a real favourite.

Written by Christopher Watson