(Paul Lacoux)

Dr David Rowe was the SHO in series 3. On his way to Holby for his first day, David had a row with a young scooter driver. When he arrived at A&E he discovered the scooter driver was none other than nurse Cyril James. This quarrel was soon forgotten but Cyril and David were soon at loggerheads again over a different matter. Cyril and Charlie stole David's hockey sticks (what was he doing bringing them to work in the first place) and were having a game in the corridor when David walked in. After blowing his top and treating Charlie and Cyril like a couple of naughty school boys he challenged them to a game. David was not one to hold a grudge. He was rather naive and often had to turn to more senior doctors for advice. He and the Medical Registrar (played by Brian Capron) got on really well and the two were often seen fooling around. David meant well. He was kind to children and sensitive with young women but was a bit of a fool really.

Written by Christopher Watson