(Steven O'Donnell)

Frankie Drummer was the porter during series 8. Fat and friendly if a little bigotted, Frankie was harmless enough. Full of bravado, Frankie used to think he was an expert in diagnosing what was wrong with patients when he didn't have a clue what he was on about. Despite being a bit of a pain, Frankie meant well and was good at stepping in when things got nasty in the department. In one episode Frankie organised a snail race with the funds raised going to the department. In another episode he located a lost patient, who was senile, and managed to get the man's name (which everyone else had been trying to do unsuccessfully for ages). A little bit like his predecessor Kuba Trzcinski, Frankie was very bubbly with patients. Although not the cleverest person to enter Holby A&E, he was one of the most well meaning.

Written by Christopher Watson