(Judy Loe)

Jan took up her post of Chief Executive of Holby City General in series 16. Looking round A&E on her first day, she was introduced to Charlie Fairhead, whom she had met the previous night at a supper club. They had got on well, but on finding that they were to work together, Charlie called a halt to things. Jan persuaded Charlie to apply for the post of Clinical Nurse Specialist, and later gave him the job, though she told him it had nothing to do with them. It wasn't long before they got together, but they often clashed over issues at work, and the relationship was not an easy one.
Jan had a hard task when two hospital wards were infected with the Norwalk virus and had to be closed, causing problems in A&E with the backlog of patients. During the crisis, when an MP's son died, it looked like Jan would have to take the blame and be forced into resigning. Charlie supported her, saying she shouldn't be made a scapegoat. Jan, knowing that it was Max Gallagher who had decided not to ventilate the MP's son, decided to do something about it. She invited in a journalist and left him to look through Max's file, and the next day Max, and the story of him supplying methadone to his stepson, was headline news. Jan told Charlie she would be supporting Max, and offered her resignation to the board, but only when she knew that it was Max's neck they really wanted now. The board refused to hear of it and instead suspended Max, which convinced him to resign. Jan thought she was home and dry, but when Charlie discovered the truth, he told Jan it was over between them.