(Robson Green)

Jimmy Powell took over as porter at the start of series 4. Cheeky and chirpy, Jimmy was a bit of a Jack-the-lad type character who was trying to reform. He seemed to be endlessly in trouble. The little Geordie had a criminal record for theft, a fact not lost on the Holby police. In one episode Jimmy found a man who had been stabbed in the toilets of a pub and brought him into Casualty. The police suspected Jimmy of the crime and harrased him endlessly until his innocence was proved. In another episode Jimmy chatted up receptionist Julie Stevens and persuaded her to come on a date with him. But he ruined it when he got drunk and came on too strong. He eventually begged for mercy enough for Julie to accept his apology. He always seemed to be in Charlie's office being given a telling off. If it wasn't being late or being cheeky to staff it was rearranging the reception area without asking anyone's permission (administrator Valerie Sinclair thought the new arrangement looked quite good but Charlie didn't agree).

Jimmy continued as porter in series 5. In one episode Jimmy brought in his latest girlfriend to Casualty after a drug overdose. The woman, who was a student nurse in another part of the hospital, lied telling everyone that Jimmy stole the drugs for her. Jimmy was in hot water for a while until he persuaded her to come clean and tell everyone the truth. She did and her career, not Jimmy's, was effectively at an end.

Early on in series 6, Jimmy chatted up new student nurse Kelly Liddle, who he had met once before at a party but Kelly wasn't interested in him. Then, in the next episode Jimmy was again late for work as he brought a young girl who was badly burned into Casualty. After hearing the young girl's screams, Jimmy panicked as he tried to put the fire out. He found her mother (who was his latest girlfriend) and then they dashed to the car, ready to bring her to Casualty. Then Jimmy told the woman that he couldn't drive so Jimmy had to sit in the back with the child while the woman drove. In trouble for being late again, Jimmy explained his reasons and he was let off. The woman, after seeing Jimmy panicking in the crisis, told him the relationship was over. Towards the end of series 6 Jimmy persuaded the paramedics to give him some driving lessons and he left at the end of the series to be a courier.

Written by Christopher Watson