(Naoko Mori)

Mie Nishi-Kawa first arrived at the reception desk at the start of series 8. Shy and not very assertive, Mie was efficient at doing the clerical side of her job but wasn't very good at dealing with troublesome patients. Mie was originally brought in from the admin department, where she was a clerk-typist, to keep an eye on the increasingly wayward Norma Sullivan. The two did not get on particularly well and after Norma's angry outburst to Mark Calder Mie was left to run reception by herself. She befriended Ash and the two became close. Mie was a little wary of what her old fashioned Japanese parents would think when Ash asked her to move in with him and she was reluctant to upset them. She left at the end of series 8.

Written by Christopher Watson