(Oliver Parker)

Mark Calder was the administrator who took over from Simon Eastman for the start of Series 8. Calder was sly and persuasive and always gave the impression that he didn't like making cutbacks, but that he had to make them. Ken Hodges was the first to feel the pinch of Calder's money saving ventures as he scrapped Ken's job. Norma had already forced Calder into sacking her after a tetchy outburst when she accused him of being 'faceless'. Then he employed former ambulance paramedic Jane Scott as his assistant and let her take the brunt of the criticism from Charlie and Mike. Then, after leaking a confidential document to the press, Calder conveniently found himself another job (the head of a tobacco company) as he left Jane to take charge. On hearing of Calder's new job Charlie and Mike were angry. 'He'll be putting the patients into Casualty instead of trying to save their lives' was the type of response to the news.

Written by Christopher Watson