(Robert Pugh)

Andrew Ponting was the sullen Welsh Ambulance driver who appeared alongside Sandra Mute when the series began in 1986. Middle aged with a dysfunctional marriage, Ponting fell in love with Mute and spent several nights of passion with her at her house. Then his wife found a note from her in his lunchbox and the marriage was over. Ponting always seemed to exchanging insults with cheeky Charge Nurse Charlie Fairhead but the two became friends. At the beginning of series 2 Ponting helped Charlie to raise support for re-opening the nightshift and showed on many occasions that despite his pessimistic approach, he cared deeply about patients' welfare. Then, on that tragic night early on in series 2, Mute was stabbed by a drunk patient while on his way back to Casualty. Ponting tried desperately to stop the bleeding as a young medical student drove frantically to get to A&E in time. Despite the best efforts of the Casualty team Mute died and Ponting was devastated. 'She's only a kid, man, only a kid' he said as he broke down in tears. This experience totally changed Ponting and, embittered by the whole episode, he quit his job two episodes later. The staff gave a surprise party for him on his last day and he put on a brave face for it.