Series 11 Episode 1:
Written by Andrew Holden

The episode opens to the team testing the new resus equipment. The department is crawling with press and the staff are performing a demonstration. Mike spends much of the shift hob-nobbing with the press.
Baz has gone into labour and Charlie is sitting on the ward with her. She has had an epidural, but now nothing seems to be happening. The doctor visits and says she may have to wait up to six hours. Baz says she feels horrible and tells Charlie to go back to work.
Meanwhile, downstairs the team have finished with the demonstration. Gloria makes a comment that they were much too slow and that if it had been a real emergency then the patient would have been a vegetable. Kate hears overhears her and gets upset, then Richard tells Gloria that Trevor is a vegetable after his fall down the stairs.
Sarah is at home with her children James and Claudia. Claudia accidentally knocks over a drink and Sarah gets very angry with her. Later on James is doing something to Claudia's fish and she gets upset when Sarah refuses to stop him. Claudia takes a hammer and smashes up James's playhouse in the garden.
Meanwhile Rick and Toby 2 brothers are driving along in their car. They come up to a gate and the security guard lets them in. It turns out that the two of them and the security guard, Greg are stealing fireworks from the warehouse.
Back up on the maternity ward Baz is asleep in bed and the doctor comes and wakes her up to tell her that they need to do a Caesarean. She gets upset and pleads someone to get Charlie. The doctor says don't worry they will find him.
Back down in resusc. Mike is talking to a journalist and Charlie is clearing some stuff away when the phone starts ringing. Charlie answers it and the doctor tells him about Baz. He puts the phone down and leaves the room.
Sarah has now taken the children out and is at the petrol station. When she comes out of the shop, the car has gone. She goes into the pub and sits down to have a drink - seemingly unconcerned that the children are missing. She suddenly starts having convulsions and falls on the floor. Josh and Liz bring her in to A&E where she is told it was just a panic attack. Then her mum and dad and husband Rob arrive - and ask where are the children? When Sarah refuses to talk they get a psychiatrist in who diagnoses Sarah as being psychotic. She is eventually persuaded to talk and tells them where the children are and the police go and find them bound and gagged in the boot of the car.
Part way through the fireworks robbery the owner of the warehouse comes back. Rick and Toby lock Greg in so that he can finish putting the fireworks back. While they are running away Rick falls and bangs his head. They drive away and Rick gradually becomes unconscious. Toby takes him into A&E but he's had a previous head injury and he dies. Back at the warehouse Greg accidentally backs the forklift truck into an electricity cable, causing a spark and igniting some of the fireworks. This causes more and more to go off and eventually the warehouse explodes. Greg is brought into A&E, but dies from his burns. Because Rick only has one arm the police identify him and Toby as the robbers from the warehouse owner's description.
Whilst all this is going and Charlie is running up to the operating theatre. He makes it just in time and sees his son born.
Charlie goes back down to the ward and tells everyone the good news. He meant to go straight back up to Baz but the department is really busy and he has to stay. Later on Mike goes up to visit Baz and she tells him they are naming the baby Louis Charles. He tells her all about him and Rachel and how he can't wait to get back out to Africa with her.
Back down in A&E Sarah is just leaving. She told Charlie that she doesn't have any feelings for her children and as he stands watching her go he rubs the back of his head and is obviously contemplating his future now that he is a father.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 14th September 1996

Additional Cast
Sarah Leonard Lynsey Baker
Rob Leonard Tom Mannion
Fiona Diana Fairfax
Leslie Tony Steedman
Claudia Leonard Emma Kent
James Leonard Josh Maguire
Toby Grant Jake Wood
Rick Grant Eddie Marsan
Greg Bailey Sammy Johnson
Dorothea Mikus Rosie Marcel
Margaret Laker Lucy Robinson
Obstetrician Roger Llewellyn
Monica Soo Drouet
Anaesthetist Aicha Kossoko
Psychiatric Registrar         Siobhan Nicholas
Pub Landlord Antony Ingram
Police Officer Daniel O'Brien

Written by Katherine Shaw