Series 12 Episode 21:
Written by Jonathan Rich

Tina is at home - she pulls up her sleeve and sees bruises.
Sam asks Amy how it's going with Keith - she's obviously pleased. Amy asks Sunny about the date with Tina - he says she didn't turn up, and it's obvious Tina doesn't like him. Just then Tina runs in late. Amy goes to talk to her but she rushes off, saying she's late . Amy is really annoyed.
Charlie tells Mark that he and Baz have split up. Mark asks if he wants him to tell anyone but Charlie says it's OK. Baz comes out of resus, and Charlie asks if she's free after shift but she isn't. He says he's told a few people about their split - Baz says that's fine. Charlie asks Sunny to take his laundry to the launderette across the road, and asks Tina to sort the drug cabinet.
Sam asks Tina if she's OK, since she missed her date with Sunny. Tina makes an excuse about being sick. Sam says Sunny's OK about it, but suggests she have a word. She later sees Sunny and apologises. She suggests they go out another time. He agrees, but doesn't really believe her.
Colin Saunders is giving a talk to his sales reps. He says he'll halve their salary but triple their commission as an incentive to sell. A man, Donald Saunders, comes in late. After the talk Donald asks why Colin is changing the salary, when there are employees with families who need the money. Colin isn't touched. At a hotel lobby, Donald tries to sell the exercise product, but no one is interested. He decides to give a demo and hops on the treadmill, but loses his balance and falls.
Richard and Mark are tense around each other. When Laura and Jade arrive for Mark, Richard tells them all to go to the staff room. Afterwards, Richard has a go at Mark for playing happy families in public. Mark shouts at him to mind his own business. Richard yells "what about George?" George comes over furious, saying how dare he discuss her behind her back. Later Mark apologises to George for earlier on. She says forget it and that Jade's a cute kid. He says he's just getting used to being a dad - George tells him he's in for hard work.
In the staffroom Sam asks Tina if she's OK, she says yeah. He sees the bruises on her arms and asks what happened - she says she fell. Sam doesn't believe her and tries to see, but she pulls away. Tina goes to leave, but Sunny stops her. She tells them she was mugged. Sunny and Sam are angry and tell her to report it, but she doesn't want to. Sunny tells her she has to - she tells him to mind his business, and runs out. Sam shouts at Sunny for upsetting her, but Sunny yells at Sam to get off his back. In the ladies Tina gets concealer out and covers the bruises.
Baz and George fuss over Tina about the mugging, Charlie offers her the day off. He tells her to leave the drugs cabinet and get a patient. Amy apologises to Tina -she says forget it, and calls a patient, Gary Butler. He's eager to leave as he has a van of bread to deliver. Richard examines Gary's arm and says it will need stitches. Sunny tells Gary he has to move his van, but Tina says he can't go just now so Sunny offers to do it. Richard tries to suture the wound but his hand is too unsteady. He asks Tina to do it, but she gets upset and runs out.
Keith arrives to see Amy - she asks him to stay a minute and calls Tina. Amy suggests she talk to Keith about it. Tina is furious, and says she doesn't want to report it. She tells Amy to mind her own business.
Elliot brings some doctors into the department with Zoe from personnel. Charlie takes them into resus - there is a dead patient inside. Elliot sees him and tries to resuscitate. Eve tells him nothing could be done. Everyone is staring so Charlie takes Elliot outside. He tells Charlie he feels he's going mad, and how helpless he feels. Charlie realises this is about the man in the RTA (Spencer). Charlie tells Elliot he's not mad, just had a terrible experience. He suggests trauma counselling and gives him a number to call. Later Zoe asks Charlie what happened with Elliot. They agree to meet up after work to talk about it.
Donald is brought in with a fractured shoulder and a twisted ankle. Sam treats him whilst Donald tells him about selling. He says selling has changed a lot over the years. George tells him he'll be off work for a couple of months - Donald is worried he'll lose his job. Colin arrives to see him, and comments to Richard about the impossibility of falling off a treadmill. Richard agrees then suspects Donald has MS. Sam is shocked when Colin tells him he'll sack Donald, saying he's a good salesman. Colin goes on at Donald for being so irresponsible and says he'll have to sack him - he'd been fighting to keep him on anyway. Sam gets angry and kicks him out of the cubicle. Donald tries to go after Colin but collapses. Richard asks him about loss of sensation and Donald admits he has MS, but Colin doesn't know. He says he won't let it beat him and he can enjoy a normal life. He asks Richard to tell Colin for him. Outside the cubicle, Richard asks Sam to do it. George asks Richard about Donald -he tells her Donald has MS. George compliments him on quick diagnosis but he takes it the wrong way and storms off. Baz asks what the problem is, he says he's not feeling well, and she sends him home.
Baz looks at Gary's wound and decides to redo the stitches. She says she's heard he's got a van of bread and needs to raise 60 for a clamp-removal -s he might be able to help. He admits the bread's stolen but she doesn't mind. Baz calls Tina to take out the stitches and goes. As Tina does, he touches her wrist, and she screams. Sunny comes in with Eve and demands to know what's going on. Tina apologises and says she's just jumpy today.
Sam takes Colin aside and tells him Donald has MS. He asks if Colin understands - Colin says you end up in a wheelchair and die. Sam says that's ridiculous, but he'll need support. Afterwards, Colin asks Donald why he didn't say anything -Donald says he can cope. Sam agrees he can lead a normal life, and it's only Colin who's stopping him working. Colin says he'll get him an office job, but Donald doesn't agree. He says he can work elsewhere and suggests they become father and son again. He thanks Sam.
Josh and Penny have been running round all shift after hoax calls. Josh is really complaining - kids wasting time. He believes the caller is targeting them as they're usually free when the calls come through. Penny says its rubbish. They drive into a carpark for a hoax call. Josh says control have kept the kid talking. He opens the phonebox and catches the kid -it's Liam. Liam says he did it because Josh didn't see him anymore. Penny goes mad and says she knew Liam was trouble. Josh tells Liam to run, and he'll see him later. He tells the police they missed him. Penny goes off at Josh for moaning so much then doing nothing about it. Later, Josh and Liam are the football. Liam says he wants to be friends. He hates the kid's home and would like a computer. Josh says he'll organise a fundraiser for one, on the condition Liam doesn't do it again. Liam agrees but isn't really listening.
Eve tells Tina she's sorry about the mugging but she must remain professional at work. Tina says she thought working would take her mind off it, and starts crying.
Sunny brings in Charlie's laundry. A mate of his did it, but Charlie didn't sort the colours from the whites. Charlie's white shirt is stained.
Everyone is walking around with bread. Keith arrives and gives Amy some flowers. Amy calls Tina over and gives them to her. Sunny and Sam offer to walk her home, but she refuses. As she's going, Eve says she's arranged a cab for her.
Richard opens the door to George. She says she wants to clear the air. She's worried about his career as he's missed so much work. He tells her he has MS, which is why he knows so much about it. George asks how long Richard has known, and why he didn't say anything. She says it's silly them fighting all this time, but he says that's not why they've been fighting. George says she has to go. Richard starts talking about a relationship, but George interrupts him, saying it's better to be friends.
Tina dumps the flowers and runs to her flat. She bolts the door, turns on the lights and draws the curtains. She has the stereo, TV and radio up full blast. Sunny calls from a phone box to see if she's OK, but she leaves it to the answering machine.
Zoe and Charlie are at the hotel getting very friendly. She says she doesn't want to talk about Elliot, and that she admired Charlie at work. They're both a little drunk. She invites him to stay the night with her, and says no one needs to know. He accepts.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 24th January 1998

Written by Jo Curtin